Sunday, 9 March 2008

Jill Metzger: Now and Then

In September 2006....Maj Jill Metzger was apparently kidnapped while on duty (actually shopping downtown in a department store), in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan for you folks from Ripley). The Air Force operated an installation nearby and had personnel there on 120-day rotations. Major Jill was there as a public relations officer. So at some point toward the end of the 120-day deployment....she went downtown....disappeared, and then reappeared three days later. She claimed....a kidnapping. They actually put a hand grenade in her back pocket of her she says.

After she reappeared....the story just didn't work. The Bishkek cops....although not the dandy 4-star type you'd find in Seattle or Montreal....they are pretty smart. They checked out the entire story told.....and quietly smirked. They actually laughed....but we won't talk about that.

Major Jill came back to the states....sat around for about a year....with various comments and questions tossed at her....and finally about twelve months disability pay and went into a deferred status as a officer. She could come back....if her medical condition "improved". The amazing thing....the idiots in the Air Force actually granted 100 percent disability....over $25k per

So what actually happened in the three days she was "disappeared"? Well....newly married before the deployment.....Major Jill tied up the marriage just a week prior to the deployment. Here after almost 110 days in the location near Bishkek....she was now two months pregnant (yep, we kinda know for sure because the site has some inside info finally). The problem facing Major Jill....she had to leave shortly and could not appear back in the states pregnant. The missing month of the pregnancy just couldn't be explained away.

So Major Jill went to a local doctor who did the procedure and then there were he knocked her out to let her rest....and when she woke up finally....three days had passed. So she had to make up a grand story.

Most folks really don't care. It did screw up morale trips downtown. But what does bother folks that she is collecting a disability check....for using some shoddy off-base medical establishment in Bishkek....which has nothing to do with military operations or military health care. She will continue to collect this check....for years and even decades. So eventually....because she is only around 35 years old.....she will collect well over $500k from the government. Thats your money. Its amusing in some ways....the Air Force went way beyond anything you'd protect her....and actually rewards her in the end.

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