Saturday, 10 May 2008


I'm really the last guy around who wants to use the term Myanmar for Burma. It doesn't work.

In recent days, the Junta of the country....who really run everything....have probably made themselves look as foolish as they possibly can. They don't care. They don't ever leave the country....and if they do...its strictly to run out to Hong Kong or Malaysia for a weekend. The country has no industry and makes almost no money. Tourism is non-existent. Nothing really matters. Folks have been talking about this for twenty years and the UN never grasped that this is a serious situation.

So close to a 100,000 folks are dead in Burma. And within a month....there could be another 100,000 dead from starvation or disease. By August....maybe even another hundred thousand. It doesn't matter.

So the UN will sit there and argue and argue and argue....while people die. You can't force help upon these idiots. Even the US Air Force is debating just dropping tons and tons of food and water to the affected avoid landing there. They aren't worried about being shot down because Burma doesn't even have the ability to defend their air space.

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Momma Bear said...

I'm waiting for the assaisinations to begin on their top officials.. of course.. it won't be done by anyone FROM the UN.. only contracted.. lmao Who knows.. maybe they'll even find some Caymans to do the job!