Friday, 30 May 2008

Catholic Church & Reality

The Vatican went to the extent this week….of announcing it will excommunicate anyone….absolutely anyone….who attempts to ordain a woman as a priest, and the woman priest herself. Some dude named Cardinal Bill Levada felt that this was necessary, with things going out of control. Officially, the best we can say….is that around 40 to 50 women priest exists today….although none are recognized by the pope.

Its an amusing situation. The number of guys desiring to be priests drift downward every single year. You can’t readily recruit these guys, and you can’t contract out. In fifty years, I’d be guessing the population will be half of the current group….and you will have to wonder how the religion will be able to carry on.

Why continue the fight against the idea? Well….its more of a historical thing….because why change when history sits on your side. Then you add in the situation where women always want rearrange things and it’d just trigger trouble. Then you have the issue of voting on the pope and potentially it being one day some old lady….and most Catholics just can’t see that scenario.

The best answer here? Give up….let the Baptists win, and just take the gold and silver back to Rome. Face it….its a lose-lose scenario otherwise.

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Momma Bear said...

It's just not in the cards.. they are women haters.. end of story.