Saturday, 14 June 2008

A Mighty Step For Bama

This week, a state senator from Bama, Hank Erwin of Montevallo, put in a bill to adopt the South Carolina-type car tag...."I Believe", as a Bama car tag (currently, we are forunate enough to have only slogans on our tags...."Stars Fell on Bama" and "God Bless America".

This new tag slogan...."I Believe"....would represent a proclaimation on God, faith, and the Hank explains it.

There are two things that I observe here. First....a whole bunch of pressure is going to be put on Baptist members to switch their tags over and get a "I Believe" tag. I'm reckoning that the deacons will be out in force as folks park their cars in the lot.....checking who has and who doesn't. The minister will jump on those folks to adopt the new tag and get with the program. It'll be a sign of faith, if you have a "I Believe" tag....and if you don' have to be in league with Satan or Ozzie Ozborn.

Second....for those of my devious mind.....we could easily put a bumper sticker of our own making next to the tag saying " Aliens", " Bigfoot", " lusty women", " the Braves", " Budweiser", and " perfect septic tanks". Yep, across Bama....I'd have my shops set up and making your personalized "I Believe" saying and you affix it to the car bumper right next to the tag. I'd make $200k the first year and retire by the third year to Orange Beach.

I say more power to Hank Irwin....although we must admit....those South Carolina folks had the idea first, and we are merely second on making this a possibility.

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