Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Only in India

A kinda amusing story from India.....Meena Verma was married....had two kids....and had issues with the in-laws for she took them to court. There in the court....the judge kinda stops things and says that she isn't really married to the husband anymore....that a divorce has taken place....shocking both husband and wife.

The best we can say.....about ten years ago.....the husband's brother who was a lawyer....took it upon himself to file divorce paperwork when the couple was discussing the matter of separation. a lawyer....he was able to accomplish everything without the wife or husband being in court.

So now....the husband and wife have filed a complaint against the husband's brother for forgery. The couple haven't really said what comes next....if they will remarry or not. This will be a curious matter for the Indian court to settle.

In Bama.....we'd look upon this as something by the graces of God almighty and not to hinder such matters....thus leaving the court quickly....assembling our bass gear, the boat, and personal clothing....with guns and ammo dumped quickly in the truck and leaving for the next county to restart our life with Wanda Jean (our hostess of the mostest over the past years). Course....the odds of some idiot judge in Bama being dim enough to sign off on such paperwork without either showing pretty low.

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Momma Bear said...

Wasn't that just WILD?? lol