Saturday, 14 June 2008

Shopping Lists, Not Blueprints

It is a strange expression...."shopping lists, not blueprints".

Basically, you have the WWF....not the old World Wrestling Federation...but the greenhouse gases & global warming & climate change & global cooling crowd....saying this.

They want to set new measures replace the climate targets which expire in four years. Course, things aren't working too well in Germany as nations meet and discuss this entire matter. Folks are likely sitting around and collecting on some great per diem, lounging at 5:30 at the 5-star hotel in Bonn, and eating some fine pork cutlets.....then having a great weekend in Amsterdam and smoking plenty of fine....mary-j-u-wanna, then coming back to Bonn on Monday to waste more time. I often wonder why I can't get a job like that.

Things were supposed to be worked out during this two week period, in order to have a fine outstanding week-long meeting in Denmark at the end of next year. I'm guessing another two-week trip will be required by December of this year...maybe in Greece or southern another fine 5-star hotel.

Kathrin Gutmann (the climate policy coordinator for the WWF) even described this meeting as "feeble". She said: "The science tells us that governments need to think at a much larger scale of action than ever before to get climate change under control".

I paused when I read the comment "under control". The mighty earth? Under control? Surely they jest. For hundreds of millions of years....there has been a spin and a wobble....with just about everything you could want except climate control. To expect the impossible, is a wonderful goal....and its certainly enough for me to meet at a 5-star hotel for two weeks to discuss imaginary solutions to a imaginary situation in a imaginary world.

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