Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Tower

In my hometown of Florence, Bama....there is the Florence Renaissance odd thing that corruption helped to attract more corruption to Northwest feed corrupt political figures.....corrupt bankers....corrupt golfers....corrupt farmers....and yes....even corrupt fisherman. The interesting thing is that there are only thirty or forty towers like this in the US....restaurants at the top....revolving.

To be honest....I ain't never been to the top. They built it fifteen years after I left....and other than just driving by it....and gazing at it....I haven't eaten any vittles at the top.

Most of the locals think that it was a total waste of money......and ninety percent of them have never been up to the top. To be kinda just sip a'll cost $3....and that just ain't worth a sip at the top. I can just as well sip a coke over at the gas station for 99 cents.

The thing overlooks the Tennessee River....and if you are there along sundown...its a mighty fine view of the river.

And for you corrupt political hacks who offended by my blog commentary....please feel free to add your corrupt commentary after mine. I'm alway open to corruption and its poetry.

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