Saturday, 26 July 2008

A Interesting Moment

So this is the woeful tale.

Obama had a episode reserved and written in stone to come to Landstuhl hospital at the tail end of his grand tour in Germany. Ninety percent of the details had been worked out and most everything was clear.

Then.....the point guy on this part of the grand tour Air Force retired two-star general....who we will not name....because of the foolishness that he triggered. We shall only say that he was a fighter jock at one point....even served as the Ramstein safety officer....and retired in the past two years.

The dimwit (retired general) arrives to arrange the final parts of the Obama tour of the hospital and the wounded. The Pentagon (note, not the hospital or EUCOM or the Air Force) had given rules over presidential candidates and how such environments with wounded troops could be handled in a election episode. The rules are fairly simple....the candidate can visit....the entourage can't. The wife of the candidate is generally not permitted to visit. All video is shot by the military, not by the candidate staff....then the military reviews the video and releases the appropriate shots to the guy later.....which he is free to use for promotion or advertising. This is a fairly simple rule list.

Dimwit shows up.....and goes over the planned arrival.....the entry at the gate....the driver parking here....and how he (the dimwit) and Obama would exit the vehicle and be greeted by the hospital's general in charge. Then the hospital commander would take them on a tour of the hospital. At some point, the PA for Landstuhl.....stopped the dimwit....and corrected him. Obama would enter the facility with the hospital commander....and there would be NO entourage. The PA probably pointed straight at the dimwit....indicating that he was entourage.

The dimwit got huffy and puffy. He was a retired Air Force general.....he was not entourage.

So then (my speculation)....the dimwit pulls out a cellphone and begins calling Stuttgart and Ramstein....looking for a Air Force general (which there are around six in Germany)....while the other one member of the Obama planning team is sitting and watching in terror at the massive mess being created by this poor pathetic retired general.

The curious thing....all of the rules came down from the SECDEF's desk. None of these European based generals can say a word....and even if they did.....the hospital PA would have smiled at them in manner to let them know that they were way out of their territory.

So eventually, this mess has hit critical mass, and the dimwit threatens to cancel the entire tour.....trying to blame this on the PA or the Pentagon. The PA guy standing there likely said that Senator Obama is aren't. That was the final straw.

So came to an end....the opportunity for Obama to visit the troops. It was an amusing episode.

How many dimwits (retired military officers) are on the Obama payroll or just hanging around freely to help? I'd guess forty of them. As for this dimwit.....he's mostly out now.....from the little forty-man club. What makes these idiots play this game? Well....its about a personal agenda.....a think-tank agenda....a commercial agenda (oil company, foreign country, Boeing, etc). They all sit chickens......waiting to help the Obama in his grand tour. Its mostly a pitiful sight.....and we'd all better off if they were just working honest hours at Best Buy....selling merchandise there, rather than fooling with PA folks at Landstuhl Hospital.

How many episodes occur each year around military bases and posts with retired generals? I can think of at least two on Ramstein within the past ten years. I'd be guessing that it numbers into the hundreds. Someone once told of a retired 1-star Army general going nuts at some golf course in Virginia....trying to pull out his rank and establish his authority over the post golf course. At some point....the manager had to ask friends of the general to simply take him out of the facility before he got into "real trouble". These guys have too much time on their hands....and end up making fools out of themselves.

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