Thursday, 6 November 2008

Explaning Politics Via Bama Style

ANARCHISM: You live in Gadsen and own two cows. One day, the cows come up and let you know that they are Republicans and cannot work with you any longer....cause you are a Democrat. You talk softly to the cows, but it just don't finally they leave for Mobile and form up a new situation down there.

BUREAUCRACY: A long time ago, you actually owned two cows. The government had three lines of rules about cows, and life was good. Then the government added four pages, and things got a bit tough, but you lived on. Then after a couple of years, the government had forty pages of rules and laws over cows....and you still tried to run things. When the postal guy finally delivered the 300-page cow handbook that the government wants you to took both cows out to the back field and shot both of them. Later, you filled out state paperwork and claimed both were shot by local hunters in your field.


You had two cows and wrote each day about the cows. One day, someone rewrote your efforts and indicated that you had six cows. You corrected this. Then they came back indicating that your cows were pure-blooded Brazilian cows. You corrected that. Then they came back and insisted that your cows were brown and you corrected that. Then someone from Brazil wrote and tossed out your comments....suggesting that you were a hot blooded bull. You finally deleted this entire effort in Wiki, and later tossed the computer out into the field.

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