Saturday, 22 November 2008

The "Lassie" Tax

How bad does it get to live in California?

Apparently, somewhere in the midst of the revenue issues and budget crisis of the state....where they are almost ready to ask for a $15 billion dollar fed "loan"....the Governor.....Schwarzenegger himself.....has asked for a broader sales and use tax. This is to include "luxury" items such as veterinary services.

Apparently....a number of folks in California are up in arms over this episode and trying to get pet owners across the state to take action and contact the state legislature to stop this tax.

The president of Social Compassion in Legislation....Julie Mancuso says: "Our companion animals are family members and taking care of their health is a responsibility, not a discretionary spending decision like golf or furniture repair. No other medical professions were included in the sales tax proposal, and with record numbers of families already making the unfortunate choice to abandon their pets because they cannot afford them in today's economy, the last thing we need to do is increase medical costs."

If I ever sat write the one hundred reasons that I'd never move to'd probably take less than fifteen minutes to write those one hundred reasons. This is a pitiful place to be....and I feel sorry for all of you who are stuck out in the state.

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