Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Men of Risk

This week....Germany's Chancellor....Angela Merkel....push for a "world risk map" of global financial institutions to allow financial authorities to quickly identify future trouble spots. Naturally, she needs a bunch of dopey country leaders to agree to this "risk" map.

Naturally, as a Bama-ite...I had a moment of pondering over this map and the events that would unfold.

First, it would take a whole bunch of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Colombia business school graduates to ensure the bitter failure of the "world risk map". We'd have to recruit several past generations of the four universities to ensure the adequate number of folks involved....preferably around 3,000 former graduates.

Then the question of where the "world risk map" players would be living? I believe the south of France would be the best overall site....where members of the "risk-team" could live and breathe amongst free-minded Frenchmen. Others might suggest Ottawa or Montreal. Still others might suggest Moscow or in the UK: Penistone, Titty Hill or Land of Nod (actual real Brit city names).

How would the map be arranged? Well....some countries would be red and some blue. are thinking Republican or Democrat....yes, I know. Some countries would have blinking lights....those on the borderline.

Would the risk-team meet for maneuvers or scenarios? Yes....and I'm guessing that they would be playing the game "risk" on a daily sharpen their skills. Occasionally, a Monopoly game or lawn darts would be tossed to the boys to get their mind off serious business.

Somewhere toward the end of this entire episode....these guys would generate special identification cards and start referring to themselves as members of "RISK"....and act like some Man from Uncle evil group. It'll be at this point that Merkel and the rest of the world realize that RISK group has become a threat to world peace....and represent a true threat. Then we'd have to call their bluff and send in the new and updated modern version of Napoleon Solo to take out RISK.

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