Thursday, 4 December 2008

All for a Piece of Paper

There was a study the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. The boys were fairly busy....trying to evaluate how higher education is serving the public.

So only one state passes (California, with a "C").....the rest failed with a "F"

How did California get this "great" grade? They apparently ran a very inexpensive community college system. Interestingly enough.....the state with the most economic woes currently and close to asking congress for a bailout? California.

This entire report goes through a set number of measurements to give states grades, from A to F. Apparently the affordability grade is based on how much of the average family's income it costs to go to college.

It would be real simple to fix this problem with costs at the university level. First....establish a limit for football or basketball coaches at the more than the college president. If you don't like the guy and he's got to be fired....limit his salary to one year of pay.

Second....limit your professor salary staff. For each "A" level professor.....the pay cannot exceed $120k a year max. For each "A" level.....there must be two "B" level with a max of $75k and four "C" level professors making a max of $60k. A professor is on limited period of twelve years before a "guaranteed" position is set. Any whacko events? Toss the guy with two months of pay, and no "bailouts". up the door and allow any kid who attends two years of community college to get full credit at the cheaper college and no "forcing" of kids to take extra classes....just to pump up the college profits.

Fourth.....raise your stupid entry level scores so we don't waste time with idiots who attend one semester and then fall out because they are too stupid or too drunk. Encourage ten percent less attending a major four-year university. If the kid isn't smart.....make him go to community college for two years to provide his "desires".

Fifth and final....double the out-of-state student fees. Face it....if you have a popular university that everyone is trying to get into....just for a piece of stupid paper.....then they don't care what the cost is....and they can help "in-state" kids get a piece of the action for a cheaper price.

I probably upset some university management folks......but frankly.....from a graduate of Louisiana Tech.....I think I know a thing or two about this "racket".

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