Sunday, 21 December 2008

A Fifty Line Guy?

Years ago, in a general conversation, I had a person accuse me of being a fifty-line guy. I sat there puzzled and asked why I couldn't be a 51-line guy or a 71-line guy....figuring that would get the appropriate response. In essence, they said I could take any subject on the face of the earth, as complicated as it might be....and convert it to fifty lines of explanation....offering the truth and balance that the topic deserved.

I laughed over this comment....thinking that fifty lines basically covers one page. Could I explain the civil war in fifty lines? Well.....yeah. Could I explain the essence of global warming accusations in fifty lines? Well.....yeah. Could I take a complicated political situation and lay it out in fifty simple lines? Yes....I could.

So I've come to realize that most everything in life around complicated as the media or scientists or political witchdoctors make it.....can be whittled down to fifty lines. And yes, you can break it into understandable paragraphs where a regular guy from Red Bay or Coos Bay could understand the whole picture.

I think I've always been this way....because I would read through forty page documents with lots of wonderful facts but it never got down to the essence of the topic discussed. I was kinda dismayed and always felt that most people really don't read much because it takes so much time and effort. Fifty lines? Its not very much....and a guy can accomplish this in less than four minutes. Its nice to be an expert and write an entire book on a topic, but if you don't get read or understood by the bulk of the population....the effort didn't return value or attention to your ability.

So when you read the bulk of my blogs....I repeated this same concept....taking complex topics and simply carving them up into readable chunks of material. You realize of course.....if life was really this'd be in serious trouble.

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