Saturday, 27 December 2008

Just Another Day in Birmingham

I don't usually blog much on murders....especially in Bama. But this week....murder number 84 in Birmingham occurred. The cops were called out to a car at Lomb Avenue's McDonalds on Friday morning. Inside was Charlie Williams....all of 81 years old....shot dead in his car around 6AM. Its a pretty crappy way for a 81 year old guy to die...getting up early to get breakfast at McDonalds...and getting shot in the car.

For most of us from Bama....we don't brag much about Birmingham. Its like going to New Orleans, except without the booze, partying, and fun. You find mostly drugs, turf wars, and neighborhoods that are war zones after the sun goes down. If on the interstate and entering within ten miles of the stay on the interstate until you've left the town by at least ten miles. You don't pull over or stop for gas...for any reason. Real people don't live in the city anymore...they've moved out five to ten miles avoid the city situation.

Most folks who live in Birmingham....carry firepower and limit their movements after dark. If you are out after are likely increasing the odds of your demise.

Whats sad that this was a old guy just out in the morning...seeking breakfast at the local McDonalds. Nothing more. He ran into the wrong shot dead in the parking lot. The cops won't solve it, and if we are lucky....we might only have one more murder between now and 1 January...but thats an awful lot of luck. For an old guy like this...he didn't deserve this kind of situation.

Fixing the problem? Forget it...the local political figures need the exist. The cops keep asking for more money, more manpower, more cars, and more training...but it really doesn't figure into the statistics. You'd actually have to arrest the guys...convict them...and put them away for twenty have an effect on the city. No one wants that. So my advice for those traveling south and making way through Birmingham....gas up way before the town and don't stop for any reason.

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