Monday, 25 February 2008

Who You Gonna Trust?

So American Airlines picked up some folks in Haiti....and was making a run to New York City. A 44-year old passenger was aboard with breathing problems....a gal. She needed fresh oxygen.......and the stewardesses were holding her off....which ought to make you wonder right away about stuff. Then they finally brought the first cannister out....which was empty. By the point.....the gal was in sad shape....and really begging for help. So they brought out the second cannister....which was empty too.

The gal started dying....and several passengers who were medical personnel....tried to keep her going.....but it didn't matter. Even the defibrillator that was onboard....failed. She died.

They ended up flying her onto New York the first class section of the plane...with a blanket over her.

Several things really make me pause and wonder. First....the odds of two oxygen tanks failing? It ought to be one in a million. Adding to this a failed defibrillator? One in 30 million at least. This Airline will go into court and pay at least $20 million to her family.

Second...personally.....I wouldn't be satisified.....I'd want the CEO of the company and the next 20 guys do one year in prison. The guy who inspected this equipment last? He probably needs a good five years in prison.

Third....I'm pretty sure that the equipment is rented by the Airline....probably some company in New Jersey.....and checked maybe once every six months. The stewardesses probably knew the tanks were empty when they took off. Its pretty sad that you depend on folks this much....and they can't be prepared to help in a real emergency.