Sunday, 2 March 2008

Miami vesus St Petersburg

When you sit and rate places...sometimes its not as hard as you think to plus something up or minus it down. Two cities that have alot in common....are Miami and St Petersburg. Both have serious drug problems. Both cities have a rich elite who use the streets as a playground. Both have mafia and crime elements. Both have daily murders. Both have homeless folks and lots of booze.

But when you come up to the topic of beaches....a woeful difference is apparent. Folks in St Petersburg don't exactly come out to the beach to do much. You have to remember that this was a pretty fair swamp if you go back 400 years ago. Russians don't exactly have a priority in keep beach front property up and fancy. So take care...if you are ever up in this neck of the woods...and maybe avoid the beach.

Cold Wars Dies Softly

Down in the Ukraine.....along the coast....there is a old Soviet sub base which is now totally abandoned. Once upon a time....there was a cold war....and it was bed of activity. just sits. The locals have taken over the abandoned post and run tourists out there....the few who do come. My guess is that half of them are former sub folks....who just remember the good old days.

The US has these....France has them....Germany...the UK...etc. This week in Bonn....the government guys opened up the Chancellor's old nuke war bunker, which is now a museum. In some ways....its kind of funny...all that money spent....for the big war....and nothing happened. Personally....I'm waiting for the grand tours at Cheyenne Mountain...outside of Colorado Springs.

So if you are ever along the coast of the Ukraine....with a afternoon of nothing much to do....ask the local dude if there is any sub bases around....and maybe he will smile and take you for a tour.