Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Iraqi Comic Heroes?

The US military is hiring a contractor company....to produce a comic book series for Iraqis....super-heroes and such. It'll be curious how this works.

Being a Justice League of America fan.....I'm ready and prepared to write the script for the Justice League of Iraq series. My heroes?

First...Sandman. Born Hamad in some dingy village near Balad....he walked into a radioactive area and gained the ability create sandstorms.

Second.....Burka-Woman. She was the wife of a nomad and one day gained superpowers when she picked up some mysterious rocks in the middle of the desert. So far.....no one has ever seen her face, although Sandman reckons she weighs in the neighborhood of 280 lbs.

Third....Captain Baghdad. He basically has no superpowers but carries two forty-five pistols on his belt and a whip. He wears a mask and an American cowboy hat. Rumors have it that he is the illegitimate son of John Wayne.

Fourth....Sami of Riyadh, with the power of super-strength. He sells camels as his day job.

I'm thinking there might be some money in this line of business.