Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Ludwigshafen "Turk" Fire

As I kinda predicted a couple of weeks ago....the cops in Germany today...finished the investigation of the suspicious fire in Ludwigshafen with the building that a number of Turks lived in. Since the day of the fire...the general Turkish population of Germany had blamed Nazis. The cops say "nein" Nazis. They are simply saying that it was not triggered by a outside they are keeping the picture limited to either kids playing or a electrical episode. It would appear that they don't want to come out and point toward the actual occupant of the building (all Turks)....but the source has to be them or something they did. It won't make folks happy.....but it does the right thing in assigning blame.

Just a Smoke, or Two

Today, we had Benny Shanon of a major university in Israel put up a theory that kinda shook them Baptists a bit.

Benny has done a ton of research on drug usage in the holy land, and has kinda come to the conclusion that Moses, and a number of his followers....were doped up. Shocking, I know.....after all....burning bushes, parting seas, sticks turning into snakes, locusts arriving on call, holy ghost killers roaming the streets....yet, this is all stuff that if I wrote of this happening'd assume I was doped up.

So lets get to Benny's ideas. Benny has found through study....two plants in the middle east that will give you a pretty good rush and feeling of a high. Benny believes that this is a common fact....know for well over two thousand years.

So lets sit on the Ripley porch for a while and contemplate this episode. Moses quiet possibly was a guy living out in the some dude from Bama today in a trailer....looking for a bit of excitement. So on some afternoon....somebody told him about this herb...when brewed, and so he did a hit. Moses got doped up. Over the course of a year or two....he did more hits.....and got more dopey each time. Eventually....he is standing up after a trip....and has this "burning bush" episode.

Something tells Moses....that he has some mission in life.....and based on this "burning bush" high....he has started this agenda. He smokes the stuff in the evening....with some other guys....and all get this rush. So they decide the agenda is to take their group of folks out of Egypt....kinda like a hippy commune deal.....and focus on another lifestyle.

The Egyptians aren't much into smoking dope and really don't buy this lifestyle thing. So the boys cook up this business and eventually convince themselves of various miracles....which very likely....never occurred. day....a bunch of them take off and leave. The Egyptians likely give some chase but their guys might have been likely doped up as well.

So somehow....folks cross the Red Sea at the right time....low tide and with some natural assistance....and they make it to the desert and run around for years.....using this herb and doping themselves up constantly. To be this territory they were checking out....there are various areas where the herb used to get high....likely stood. So they eventually needed to get "real" and stop this hippy business....and then Moses came down with some tablets and pointed the official way to Israel.

My guess is....they still smoked a bit there but it was likely frowned on more and more. So eventually, the old dudes died out and the new guys went some degree.

Now, on my Ripley porch....I can visualize this and actually believe all of this. The trouble is....a whole bunch of Baptists won't dare believe in this stuff. It would ruin their vision of the "burning bush" and the "parting seas". But it starts to explain alot about history that we all kinda doubted. So....settle back and think about this for a while....and think about the consequences if you ever accept this fact. You got religion....based on a freaked out Moses....and you really don't want to believe that.