Saturday, 15 March 2008

American "Doctor" in Germany - Forbidden

Over the past year or two in Germany...a number of Americans who came over to teach or work for high-technology companies....had doctoral degrees. These are folks who actually went to UCLA, MIT, or even Mississippi State....and had earned the degree to be referred to as a doctor. It is a mighty fine stand there and admit after eight long damn earned something special.

So there around ten of these folks who came to Germany to work. Naturally, they signed their letters with the appropriate PhD, and even made fancy business cards to let their new friends and co-workers know their status in life.

Sadly.....foreigners can't be "doctors" in Germany. Yep....the Nazi's originally wrote up the rule....for some reason. I'm thinking they didn't want a bunch of French college professors showing up and getting automatic respect. The Nazis even went as far as handing out jail sentences.....if you refer to yourself in public as a "doctor" (of anything, even Texas literature or farm implement design).

The dimwits in around to discussing this rule....and when the EU got started up around 2001....the German empire actually modified this Nazi rule....members of the EU would be granted the status of being recognized as a real doctor but outsiders....from beyond the EU.....can't be accepted.

So the idots Germans had this professor from America....Professor Ian Thomas over in Jena....who the cops came to invite for a interview. Before the interview....he was Doctor Ian Thomas Baldwin....but the cops made it very was illegal....and the best he could use was "Professor" from that point on.

So in the past month....the German university elites suddenly woke up and realized the mess being created. This was getting out the press. The Germans literally beg for US doctors and professors to come over....treating like "blue-chip" assets and the American professor is generally a sought-after lecture asset. So the elites have been working hard and have this new rule they are trying to rush through. Basically....if you are a doctor from one of two hundred Carnegie recognized schools....which University of Alabama is one but Troy State ain't.....then you can keep your title and be treated fairly.

Course, this method only helps US professors...not Canadian or Japanese or Chinese or Ecuadoran. The Germans didn't really share why they'd never questioned Ms. Rice (a real doctor) or Mr. Kissenger (a real doctor) or Mr. Gates (a fake doctor but he made enough donations to the right school to get the degree anyway).

Its simply another reason why Germany is a third-world country. Think about the cops.....who waste precious man-hours hunting down would-be American professors with the title of doctor....when they could catch criminals or murderers. You can figure at least 20 man-hours into research or interrogating a guy....then writing the report to close the episode. What a place. And the best part? Nazi-written and still on the books....which says alot about a society that survives.