Sunday, 16 March 2008

Full Power Rum

In the world of some faraway might actually wander into a "juicy-juice" bar. Its a term that some of us worldly travelers have attached to a hole-in-the-wall bar....where they have unusual glasses or cups for their drinks.

When you are sitting there on the stool...firmly attached....and can see that they have Old Monk Rum as an option....take a long pause and suggest to the bartender that you'd like a rum drink. Maybe he'll pull out the evil-eye cup and make you a special rum drink.....with Old Monk.

For anyone curious about Old is a 43 percent Rum.....made only in India.....that has more than your average amount of sweetener and vanilla added. Aged for seven years.....its one of the best. After your third cup.....pause for a while and let the alcohol free your mind.

Just Tax Away

This week....Sweden lost one of its major titles..."the most taxed nation on earth".

It was a rather sad and unsettling day. Swedes had held onto this title for almost twenty years. They had worked hard to tax every drop of booze, gas, beer, milk, and even pimple ointment. It was a hard and demanding tax the public at such a level. So this week....while the Swedes made every effort to maintain their number one status at 47.8 percent of your paycheck.....the quiet Danes slipped up and added another tax or two....and suddenly surged to 48.4 percent.

The Swedes are likely sitting there....kicking themselves. It was their title....and just not right to have taken so easily away.

My advice....a new surge back. I have three ideas. on weight so that these "slim jims" have to pay more....thus forcing them to buy more food....which is taxed additionally. A thin Swede tends to look sickly and we'd help to fix that problem. on toilet paper. This would force folks to conserve and just use one sheet to wipe (like Ms Crow was talking about last year). The negative is that some folks might resort to newspapers. septic tanks that aren't changed out every five years. This would strongly encourage folks to change out their tanks on a constant basis...and thus more sales tax gained via septic tank purchases.