Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Dark Day

Vicki Van Meter, at 26, killed herself today.

Vicki....in 1994....at age twelve.....flew a plane from the US to Europe....by herself (the instructor merely sat in the seat)....and the year prior had flown across the entire US.

Vicki had gone on to earn a criminal justice degree, and did two years of the Peace Corps. She had issues....and recently had worked as a investigator for a insurance company. Almost everyone acknowledges that she had depression for a vast part of her life.

At some point today....her mom announced: "We will miss her dearly, but we are very, very aware that she is doing important work somewhere else right now."

I sat and read this cryptic comment....and can see a mother that pushed and pushed....and this "kid" who never lived a real life....simply going on a road map that mama drew up. Its not much of a life to brag about and I'm guessing that she just never achieved any place in life that she was happy about. As for mama's cryptic comment.....I'm pretty sure that Vicki isn't doing any important work for anyone today....and is likely sitting on the "hills of heaven sipping a ice tea and picking up daisies". There is a point where important work....turns to dust in the wind...and we just let the accidents in life happen....for better or worse.

Bear Sterns & $

The Bear Sterns crowd....paid their CEO in 2006....a bonus package worth $38 million. When the big bear got sold last week....it was in the $200-odd million range. Kinda amusing to look at how things change in 15 months....and a CEO is worth the value of twenty percent of his company....just by wearing a pair of underwear, a baseball hat, and flip-flops.

Spitzer's America (True & Parody)

The winds quickly took sail as Eliot Spitzer stepped to the side and allowed David Paterson to assume the role of Governor of New York. As quickly as Eliot had stepped to the side in admitting that he was having an affair with a beautiful but damned damsel...who was charging $2500 per hour...then Dave stepped up to the plate as the new Governor and admitted that he had an affair....then he stepped up to admit that he'd had several affairs....but worked his way through them. (parody on)

Pausing to watch all of this...Kwame Kilpatrick as Detroit's mayor quickly stepped to the plate and admitted that he'd had affairs with six different street hookers over the past year. Everyone applauded that he was truthful and honest like the New York gentlemen.

Then, Senator McCain quickly stood up to admit that he was able and functional enough to have one brief affair with a St Louis woman who apparently shoots Grizzles in her off-time. The Senator was quickly congratulated and crowned as a major stud in the Republican party.

Then.....quickly to seize some momentum.....Huck Huckabee announced that his presidential situation was turned back on and he was proudly announcing that he'd had affairs with twelve Baptist women over the past ten years. Huck also had pictures of the him and the ladies in various positions to prove that he was a lusty Baptist dude. Everyone was proud of him and pronounced his chances of winning the presidential race as "possible".

Then....Barry Bonds quickly seized the moment and announced that he'd been having affairs with a British fashion model and the steroid game wasn't really true....it was really sexual vitamins that showed up in the test they gave him. Barry spoke about his honesty and the difficult time he was having in giving 100 percent to the hottie in his life.

Then....Larry King announced that he and Katie Couric had been having an affair for three weeks....and it was mostly satisfying.

Then....Dick Cheney announced that he had been having relations with several female Secret Service agents while out on fishing and hunting trips.....and felt like a 30-year old man again.....and thinking about running for president in four years.

Then....Amma-dang-ding-dong of Iran announced that almost 30 years ago....he'd had an affair with a berka-clad gal.....and his popularity amongst the masses of Iran soared 300 percent.

Then....David Hasselhof....formerly of Bay Watch.....announced that he'd had over 300 women in a 20 year period and suddenly offers from various producers started rowing in....when the public realized that he was still capable of doing something.

Then....Hulk Hogan announced that he'd had a five-some (with four curvey women) last weekend....and his downward trend wrestling career suddenly restarted....with tens of thousands of fans showing up for every match.

Then.....Barak Obama announced that he'd been having an affair with Hillary Clinton for four years and enjoying it (though gritting his teeth throughout the press conference). Barak spoke about her tender touches and how he was a better man. Everyone applauded this....especially Hillary when she also spoke about an affair with Barak.

Then....Bill Clinton announced that he'd been having relations with at least forty different women over the past decade....and a hush fell over the crowd...they all sat in shock that Bill was actually able to admit something like this.

Finally....Eliot Spitzer spoke up and said that he actually slept through all of the meetings with the hooker, Ms. Dupree, and just did it so that the guys in the office thought that he was doing a hooker. At that point....the balloon burst and the media realized everything was bogus and all of these idiots had lied.