Wednesday, 19 March 2008

2001: Mr. Clark's View

Arthur Clark died today. He was the writer of 2001: Space Odyssey.

He sat there years and years ago....writing this magnificent piece of science a real scientist. His vision basically became part of our dreams today. Th amusing thing....he wasn't that far from reality in some cases.

He has challenged the public to think outside of the start thinking of our future in vast terms. We aren't going to be the only species in the the end. We very likely will find other planets and other humans....maybe in a decade or two.....then start to twist our minds in a far different fashion. Clark is the man who gave us the early thought and challenged the mindset.

If we were to select ten of the most influential books of the last century....then 2001 is to be one of them. It is fiction....without any doubt.....but it represents a challenge upon the mind of where we are and where we are going. We needed this jumpstart our mind....and open our a vast landscape.

Alzheimers and Your Future

So today...the science dudes came out and said that within a few in eight Americans will have Alzheimers. Maybe by 2025....we might have ten million Americans with it.

There are several observations that I can make. Before the 1940s....American medical technology didn't basically make alot of difference....and a good portion of folks died by age 60. In the 1980s and started to lengthen your you might make it to age 75 or maybe even 80.

The problem started to add more years and gain into this unique crew of folks....who got alzheimers. You were simply increasing your odds of getting this terrible living longer. The statistical dudes don't want to come out and say this real harshly....because everyone loves to live longer. But if you knew by age might develop the it rally worth it to take care of your health and live to a longer point?

You start to debate things. So debate this topic.....who takes care of ten million Americans? The answer....a bankrupt medical social program. Medicare will have to develop a facility in every community where you just sit there and wait to die. I don't mix my words and offer any encouragement. I'm just not that type. If you came to me and said I have the early stages of alzheimers....I'll take $20k out and spend four weeks traveling around Arizona....and after that trip concludes.....just do myself in. I won't sit and wait for a miserable decline with no hope.

I am of the opinion that we've always had a fair statistic of alzheimers sitting out there....that it would develop over the years and we simply started to live beyond a point where safety loomed and we entered the crap-shoot. This was a disease that rarely if ever appeared in the caveman days....because few lived past 30. In the 1800s.....most folks didn't make it past 50 when you counted in the Malaria, Yellow Fever, and various accidents that folks had. As we lived longer...we took on additional risks.

Lots of folks in the medical field want to brag about how they can make us live to age 100....maybe 120 years old. I'm thinking that they basically are counting alzheimers as a none-issue in doing this......hoping we don't notice. We might all want to sit and pause here....thinking of the trade-off...hoping that we make it to the old age we dreamed of but not dying of alzheimers.

Someday....we may actually turn around and grasp that some basic sugar or enzyme was the "lacking factor" in preventing alzheimers. But until that day....we are living in a crap-shoot...and basically hoping on something that you can't calculate.

Another German Bitch

Jeremiah Carmack is dead....stone cold dead.

Last week....Private Carmack went to his girlfriends house in Schweinfurt, Germany....real late. He brought along a M-4 rifle. He somehow (yet to be figured)...took it from the post. He got into the house (we were told originally by breaking a window in the basement) and then got up to her apartment....where he tied her up. Something occurred and then she slipped out and got to mama's place downstairs and they ran out the door. Cops got called. The kid took his rifle and ran into the field next to the house. Cops surrounded the him a chance to surrender...he stood up waving the rifle....and not surrounding as they they shot him dead.

Cops weren't happy about this and not figured out why he came to the girlfriend's house like this. No explanation. Not a single friend of his from the post....can explain this.

But here is the curious thing. There is this guy named Fred from North Carolina who was watching this bit on the news and then commented that he wondered if this was his old toxic girlfriend from that same village. Then an hour later....he discovered it was. Fred started talking. Fred had major issues with this divorced 23-year old German woman.

Fred was intangled with her for twelve months. At some point.....she called the cops to complain that Fred was drunk and had hit her. They came looking for Fred....breaking down his apartment door.....and arresting him.....but then checked his blood for alcohol..NOT a single drop of alcohol. They suddenly realized that she had lied about the entire story. No explaination was ever put forth to the cops....they merely closed the book. Then Fred's password to his email account was taken....with a very harsh warning sent from that account to this young dead guy...not to mess around with his former girlfriend. The unit had to apprehend Fred.....but then came to realize that he couldn't have sent the email because he was elsewhere.

Fred called the cops in Germany.....who are now standing there....having shot their first American GI in over twenty years....with no reason explained. Alot of the Americans in the region are today asking some stupid questions about the girlfriend.

My speculation? I'm thinking that the girlfriend wanted him to show off his weapon and then she started to play some stupid game of tying her up....and then she was nuts from that point on....running to escape and then getting the cops to come. She probably thought the guy would just surrender and it'd be part of her game. I doubt that she had thought about the final outcome going this far. What happens now? The cops will spend weeks studying the whole thing and then the Army will figure out how he got the Army weapon off-post. The girlfriend? Nothing.....she will walk away from this and attempt to socialize with Army guys again. Will any guy date her? I'm guessing not.....and most German guys in the region will figure out that she's the rest of her life is pretty dim. Strange episode.

Theres a Wolf, and Then Theres a Wolf

Its been a pretty messy week in Tibet...bunch of demonstrations....some dead folks.....and the Chinese government is all upset...especially at the Dalai Lama. The Chinese dudes are blaming the Dalai.....even saying that he is a wolf in sheepskin. Yep....very dangerous character. Doesn't matter that he isn't allowed to enter Tibet or that the Dalai can't handle a gun or such. Nope....none of that really matters. This dude is Chinese standards.

Personally....if I were the Chinese government folks....I might think about the stuff I say in public and how foolish I might appear. If the Dalai is a wolf in sheepskin.....the Chinese are like a herd of 3,000 wolves in one sheepskin. I'm thinking this Olympics deal next year....might turn China into "New Orleans in Katrina" and some folks just ain't going to be happy. It might be wise to chill off a bit and regroup under some better situation.

Missing or Dead or Something

So John Glasgow disappeared.

John was the CFO of the company that won the bid to build the Clinton Library in Little Rock. John ran a nice operation....that built up a fair business....and became a major player in the region. John was one of those guys who simply ran into luck and never complained. John was liked by just about everyone...and always had a smile.

Since 28 January.....he has been missing. He left the house early in the morning....say before 6 and the car was found the next day at a state park not that far a parking lot there....doors unlocked....nothing missing. Cops say he merely walked off from the car. No witnesses.....nothing.

The best they can figure.....he was under a huge amount of stress from an audit....which there was some speculation that a small issue or two was going to be tossed upon him. No one has yet to show that he hid money or lost fact...the audit still continues with no real negative comments yet.

The tracking dogs? Well....they combed the area and there is a mention of one minor trail but it didn't go anywhere. My speculation? I think the guy had a nervous breakdown.....and simply walked away. He might have committed suicide...this state park has alot of hills and valleys....and he might have simply walked out there and done himself in. But I'm more of the mind that he walked to a bus station and bought a ticket to New York City.....kinda like our Bama ministers wife did last year when she disappeared from a Baptist convention in Shreveport. Some guys just can't handle success and just ain't for them.