Friday, 21 March 2008

Saudi Imam's?

So a small footnote out of Saudi Arabia this week. The Saudis are bringing into the school least 4,000 religious help ensure they understand the correct Koran. Yep....roughly seven years after 911.....they finally have grasped that a number of fundamental religious trainers...are out of control. Its not just within the kingdom....its now spread to the US Muslim community, the European community, and even the Pacific community.

Of really have to wonder how exactly this retraining will function. The Saudis are having some special folks write training books....which starts you to smiling and laughing.....knowing that this usually is a failure on schoolbook changes. Based on commentary within the European press....most folks aren't very confident of this Saudi effort working.

My observation? Once you start to bring a hundred of these dimwits into a school center.....and they have a chance to talk and gossip....they will devise various ways to discuss topics that go beyond the instructors grasp. They will outmaneuver the lesser intelligent scholars and make this into a full-scale training seminar for their own purposes.
The textbooks? Most will be burned within the next six months and never be used.

At this point....the actual leaders of the Saudi royal family will start to think long and hard about what can occur next. They have no guts to seize the top players of the Wahabbist movement or start killing a few radical clerics. The mad mullah movement is going to view this as a "WEAKNESS" and proceed to find the right folks in Saudi Arabia to seize additional powers and reign in any liberal Muslims within the country.

This retraining idea...probably should have been done in the its already one decade too late.....and maybe even two decades too late. The Imams and religious own vast empires of faithful followers. They have no will to just dissolve away or allow the government to refocus their agenda. For those of us on the outside....its a woeful tale of huge proportion.....and even we lack the political leadership to actually fix the we aren't much better.

Georgia and Its License Law

These folks down in Georgia woke up in the last couple of weeks....and suddenly decided to get a law passed where if you were driving without a license....its a felony. For the first offense...its a minimum of 2 days and possibly up to 365 days. Around the 4th offense.....its a minimum of 365 days, and up to five years.

Most folks around the county level are sitting there and scratching their head....wondering who will pay for the increase in prisoners. The curious part...this effort by mostly Republicans....was aimed at illegal aliens in Georgia....who have no license. So when Deputy Karl pulls over a truck with twelve illegal aliens....the driver without the arrested and detained....with the rest of the crowd free to go. My guess as to the sentence.....most municipal judges won't give out more than three days max.....because of the cost of keeping some folks in jail and feeding them.

Its an amusing thing....while 49 states have a law making driving without a license a is Georgia with a felony law instead. You'd think these guys would have better things to do.....but they are still sitting there....waiting on Micheal Vick to exit bring the Falcons back.