Monday, 24 March 2008

Stimulus Package Day

Everyday...brings me one step closer to Stimulus Package Day (SPD). I fantasize now almost daily about this check. Its funny....back in December...there was no such dream or fantasy...but thanks to the mighty Bush and the mighty congress....I've got "wild" money to spend now.

Sometimes....I fantasize about new black leather jacket or some $70 Hush Puppy shoes or even a fancy new Egyptian-cotton work shirt. Other times....I dream of fresh new underwear or a pump-action shotgun or a $100 Thai-massage. Being a anti-Baptist fellow....I can even allow myself to dream of expensive bottles of Jack Daniels or fine red wine from Italy.

Personally....I wouldn't mind getting such a check every year....but I reckon I'm asking for too much from the mighty Bush. Maybe the mighty Hillary or the mighty Obama might be willing to give away a free check.....but forget about that mighty McCain guy. To be honest...even a free $250 check would be satisfactory for my fantasy requirements but I reckon it'd just be God's punishment.

Some folks I know...are dreaming of a plasma screen time for the NBA championships or maybe a new set of tires for their car. I'm thinking all across America....folks are sitting there in traffic lines, passenger lines, or in line at McDonalds.....thinking long and hard about their stimulus and how it will affect their life. Some folks...are the sad tragic types....just thinking about paying off the credit card or buying a new septic tank for the trailer. Those folks are sad tragic souls who need a real fantasy in life. The neat part about this....we can stretch out this fantasy period for another six weeks....before reality finally hits and the five minutes it takes to spend the money.