Saturday, 29 March 2008

Living Off Charity

I got paid yesterday...both my normal paycheck and the monthly Air Force pension check. Within a six hour period...both sums of money were gone. Because of the current exchange rate of .62, there just isn't anything left of a paycheck after you pay various German bills. I sit there every eight days and fill my gas tank up on the car and pay $100 easily. I sit and pay natural gas bills for heating...and watch the hundreds upon hundreds of dollars each year slide away (ever increasing). I ponder just how far the dollar will slide and when it might ever return to some normal rate.

I probably spent 300 man-hours last year....thinking about leaving and discussing it with co-workers. This year....I'll top 600 man-hours at the current rate. There is some magical point where patience ends and I have to assemble my job options in the real world where a dollar is worth a dollar. I'm guessing by December of this year....I will have finally said enough...and done away my pain.

The amusing part of this go into a Burger King off-base and pay roughly $10 for a whopper meal. I can remember in 1984...when the dollar was surging high...and spending $2 for a whopper meal. A simple cup of coffee today? At least $3 for a full-maxi cup of coffee.

So...for another weekend...I'll waste two or three hours thinking about this...fantasizing about finally leaving....and thinking about what will be final trigger.