Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Reseting of a Vast Clock?

So this is what we know. About 150 years ago in Syria...this British dude found this strange tablet with lots of markings. Folks sat around for years trying to decipher the tablet, with no luck. This year...the whole mystery started coming to an end....but it probably has challenged our view of life.

The tablet was carved with a vast amount of data that goes back over 5,000 years. It basically describes this meteor which came to hit Austria.....and is now believed to the Sodom and Gomorrah episode. In fact....the carvings left so much data....that the boys could figure the star position and knew the precise date of the meteor hit.....29 Jun 3123 BC. Yep....3123 BC. Almost five thousand years ago.

The meteor came to hit a Austrian area near Kofels. They have even estimated the meteor at about a mile or so in diameter. Now comes the interesting part....every living being within a 600 by 600 mile square of this town....died. And you can figure a 30 percent death rate for anyone who lived another 100 miles or so over that "bump". How miserable were the survivors in Europe over the next ten years? You can bet on a harsh winter that little sunlight saw its way through.

To make this comparison today? Put yourself in Abilene, Texas....and everyone within Texas, Oklahoma, and the eastern half of New Mexico dead....with a pretty fair amount of folks dead in the six adjoining states.

How far did this explosion sit back life in Europe and the Middle East? That would be a fascinating question to ask at this point. A decent educated guess would have been over 20,000 people in this range who died....maybe more. Like the volcano situation in Washington state...within three years...plant life would have returned....with a growing animal population. As for the humans? Well....I'm making a educated guess that it took a good long 20 years before any kind of population showed up in the region again.

How far back did this reset things? This would be a curious thing to ponder and guess. This could have been a 500-year delay in technology and development.....but then I'm not a scientist or a Harvard dude.


A high school graduation rate of 25 percent? Apparently up in Detroit…..that’s acceptable. They are talking about Indianapolis having a 30 percent passing rate to get their high school diploma. So all total….1.2 million drop-outs across the US. The job prospective…..likely with Burger King or McDonalds. I sat and paused over this picture….there is something wrong here.

I finished high school with a graduation rate of 90 percent. We had five or six folks who simply didn’t make it out of 75 kids….either family responsibilities or marrying because of some poor unfortunate episode. The expectation in Bama today is that you generally high school and then become a loser….with at least a diploma in your hands.

Once you put this template of Detroit’s 25 percent up against the entire community…you begin to realize the real issues of the city and why things can’t improve. Society in Detroit is stuck in a rut and will not improve until you force more kids to finish school and expect more. Kwame Kilpatrick is a guy who talks down to the city’s population and earns his amusing respect as mayor….just by being as dim as the population in town.