Sunday, 13 April 2008

Maximo in Mexico

Down in Mexico, where wrestling is just as "big" as in America...a trend has started up.

They have some wrestlers now who advertise themselves as "sensitive and yet strong, in overcoming evil". Basically....its a gay wrestler.

So the exotic wrestler these days is a fellow called Maximo...who has pink mohawk hair and he often blows a kiss onto the lips of his evil opponent. The crowds go crazy when this happens. Woman fall apart and guys just sit there in a daze. Apparently, this is a major draw in Mexico....with huge crowd approval.

I sat and pondered how this would translate over to wrestling in America....and for some reason....I just can't see crowds in Austin or Atlanta getting into something like this. Its true, we have yet to have a gay NASCAR driver or a gay president but one'll happen. But in wrestling...I just can't see it.

The Sect Boys

Out in west Texas...the sect boys have been busy....getting the lawyers out...challenging the rangers....and blasting the Texas legal system. So far....the one guy that they had reports on....has not been arrested....just questioned. Without a girl standing up to accuse the guy of rape....he will walk humble opinion.

So the sect boys are talking up a total wash of the whole thing and just let bygones be bygones.

This might happen with the men and no charges. But I'm thinking the Texas social department isn't going to let a single girl under 18 come back to the sect or the parents involved. This might be an interesting hinge development, watching legal case after legal case against the Texas social department. An entire generation of potential virgin girls taken from the grasps of these mighty and horny old gentlemen....and now?

I'm thinking that if things continue this direction and the young virgins aren't released back....the sect will have to conduct a major calling and recruit far and wide outside of the region....maybe even to Bama and Florida. They need new couples involved in the church....preferably ones with young girls in the family.

It'll take a bit of convince the families to uproot their situation in Red Bay, and pack up to move to west Texas. It'll take a bit of talking to convince them that a far-far-far-out religious cult is the best idea. It'll take a bit of talking to convince folks to let their young girls attend this cult's training seminars. It'll take a bit of talking to convince fathers to let their 13-year old daughter get spiritually married to some 48-year old guy named Wilbert. It'll even take a bit of effort to convince folks that Wilbert can have two or three or four wives....and some can be 13-years old or 16-years old. Yep....mighty big amount of talking.

If the girls don't go'll be a harsh period for guys in the sect. They may have trouble just accepting one wife and it'll weigh heavily on their after day. It'll depress a few of them....and may even cause them to drink a bit. Yep....its a sad day for the cult....oh, I mean sect.

There are ways of fixing this in my mind. First....if you open up to non-US citizens and recruit heavily....bringing in illegals as members of the church....then you might be able to repopulate the virgin requirements of the sect. I'm guessing these guys are exactly into accepting that might not be a wise suggestion. Second....all those guys who got married five or ten years ago....could just share their wives with these guys who need a spiritual wife....but maybe not a "REAL" wife. We'd call this a spiritual deal....and there would be spiritual cash involved for renting out a spiritual wife to these guys. Somewhere in the midst of this spiritual stuff....would be a spiritual pimp who would make the arrangements and ensure that the sect guys were covered on Friday and Saturday nights. Cash would exchanged and everything would be held at some damn holy temple on the complex....preferably where spiritual booze and spiritual gambling would be accepted as well.

Yep....a sad day for the doubt.