Friday, 18 April 2008

The Sad State of Journalism in America Today

I found the misuse of the Iwo Jima photo for the current issue of be a sad example of the media today.

They have a graphical take and use photos....and manipulate things as they see fit. I have not subscribed to Time....for almost five years now. The magazine is a joke....and probably not in the in the top twenty journalist efforts in America today. Does Time care? No....they will continue to manipulate and utilize covers as they see fit. This is the sad case of journalism in America today.

Alzheimer's and the future.

So this week...based on a British study....we know a heavy drinking schedule of two drinks per day and twenty smokes....with a special gene APOE variant (4)....will trigger a 8.5 year plus-up for you folks that are destined for Alzheimer's.

Yep....8.5 years ahead of schedule.

Its a pretty harsh future. But on my positive....I don't smoke and I probably don't drink an average of two drinks per day. None of my relatives have had Alzheimer' maybe I'm destined to avoid it.

But for alot of folks....its not cheerful news. You are basically rolling a pair of dice and hoping to make it to 65....and then hoping to making to 75 with no adverse health situations. have to consider your lifestyle and just how bad things will be.

An IPhone Moment

The Germans this week....lowered the cost of a 99 Euro....basically $130.

I sat there and contemplated the magnificent pricing of the I-Phone a year ago.....and how the phone just hasn't sold in Europe that well. Most folks aren't demanding the phone....and it doesn't sell with teenagers that well either. By X-mas....I'm predicting a price of 59 Euro and probably within my price a cheap dude. Apple may have a product for the US....but for Germany...its not a big-sell item. Will I buy it? No. I'm the guy who wants a phone to call someone....and not much else.