Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Apparently...yesterday....a campaign within PETA started up against Al Gore....over his eating of meat products. We won't lie....Al is a notorious meat eater....chowing down on T-bone steaks and sausages all the time (especially Tennessee spiced up sausages, which are the best in the world, you know).

PETA claims that Al is not helping in the fight. A number of scientists have come to say that cattle and pork production is roughly forty percent of the carbon problem. My guess is that the number is way off...maybe half of what they actually say. They'd like to convert everyone to a vegetarian status....or at least fish-only. Some of us....myself included....would just rather not even discuss this option.

So this minor campaign against Al....is mostly centered on his status as a hypocrite....which I won't argue much about. They might be right about that part, for the wrong reason. As for changing Al into a vegetarian? Forget it....its hard enough to convince himself that global warming is real....but to change from a meat diet to a lettuce diet....ain't going to happen.