Monday, 28 April 2008

Austria and Its "Dirt"

Yesterday we started to learn about the house in Austria, where a 70-year old guy had kept his daughter since 1984 when she was a prisoner in the basement....and was raping her. In fact.....we also know that he had been using her since the age of eleven. After the disappearance of the daughter....which he had explained as her simply leaving....she would be placed into the basement and would deliver six kids to "dad". There was a seventh but it died in childbirth. Somewhere in the middle of this....the wife....who had always been there in the house....never knew about the daughter or the kids, which is something that boggles the mind. The facts of the case, you can read at CNN.

I sit and ponder about this case. This is the second case in two years in Austria....where a young girl had simply been plucked off the street and hidden in a basement. In this case, I sat and looked at the house....on your average street...with people passing daily. The room was sound-proofed, we are told, and was electronically controlled so neither the daughter or her kids would ever come out. None have seen sunlight....which is the basis of life.

There is no adequate punishment that can be dispensed on this guy. And the state will have to care for her for an eternity, as well as the kids. The mother? I sit and ponder that she is very naive and probably not fully capable of comprehending all around her. One gets the impression that the daughter was retarded in some minor fashion and could not escape from this torment or put an end to her life (as most of us would have).

So the thought process starts to ponder this in a numbers sequence. Could there be more? In both Austria and Germany. My least a hundred more of these prison-houses likely exist. One only needs to examine the number of disappearances per take a educated guess of the possibility. Hundreds. But then I lay this logic across the US, and I would likely guess that a thousand such houses exist in the US....when you compare the number of disappearances that occur each year.

It is a sad part of society that hands out this punishment and judgment upon an innocent group of society. A fair punishment in not possible. And so we are left to ponder the state of the world today....and how far we've fallen.