Thursday, 1 May 2008

Austria and Its "Dirt" II

So now almost a week into th Austria case of the father who kidnapped his daughter and held her for 24 years.....raping her.....and collecting seven kids along way.....we are left with a couple of questions still.

The steel door at the entry of the hidden area in the way more than a normal man could lug around or hang on the hinges. So how did this it? We are told by the local cops that there was this guy, and no one else. But some things don't work.

Then we come to the three trips he made in recent years. In one case, he was gone for three weeks to Thailand. He left his wife and the three kids upstairs at the house, but no one will explain how the folks in the basement were fed for three weeks. Again, we are told that no accomplishes were involved with the guy.

The original basement did not have all of the security that he had built in the past ten to fifteen years. So how did he keep his daughter captive in the first four or five years?

These are all curious points...and maybe it was just him but if it has to wonder what would have happened had this guy had a heart attack on the street and the wife would have only discovered the prison a year or two later.

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A Swell Fella From Bama

The SEC woke up this morning and announced a lawsuit against the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama (a poor Democrat), who apparently will be the largest abuse in US history with municipal bonds. It appears that Mayor Larry Langford took almost $156k from a deal with a bond.....which is pushing the local county toward bankruptcy. Apparently Larry gave a local company authoritity to handle all bond issues over the past two years. In return, Larry got "paid back".

Apparently there was another guy involved in this episode....who worked with the bond company boss (those two were good friends of Larry, strangely enough)......and tossed the money back and forth enough times before handing it to make it look real confusing. But those SEC guys are accountants....and apparently at the end of the day.....a dollar is still a dollar in their minds.

The neat thing about this the recent case where ex-governor Don Siegelman from Bama got a exit ticket from jail (temporary) try to fix up his briberly case. Don....another democrat...was upset because of those Karl Rove Republicans got him. Well.....Don says that but the fellow who bribed Don is still in jail and Don ain't talking much to him

So now we have Larry....another democrat....says that the same Karl Rove crowd got him. And he also says that the SEC has no authority over state bonds. Larry hasn't said much on the $156k given to him.....except this was a loan of sorts.

Larry, for those of you who ain't from around Bama....was the same fellow that approached the state legislature in the mid-1990s and arranged for a $65 million dollar loan to build an amusement park in central Alabama. The funny thing.....five years after declared bankruptcy. Some folks around Bama have forgotten this.....especially if you were a Democrat. The park was named "Visionland", and got bought by some investment group for an amount that is not talked much around the state. They now call it "Alabama Adventure" and its connected with some mall operation next door. Strangely draw around 350,000 customers per year.

Larry is also the fella who has vowed to build a indoor football stadium by hook or crook.....although the locals have turned this back via county voting, and Larry may have to bend every state rule to get this indoor stadium built, or may get a fancy municipal bond up.

So Larry is a swell fellow around Bama, who has money just flowing through his veins.....although its mostly state money.....not his own money.

A Fine Fella

Up in Alaska, they have one representative....a Republican by the name of Don Young. Don has been around in congress since 1973 and is a fine fella. In fact, in addition to representing Alaskan interests..there in 2005 Don set up a "earmark" with congressional funding and rules......for $10 million to study widening the road down near Naples, Florida. This little earmark apparently came out and is public knowledge now. The Senate got all upset about this, and a bunch of these politicians are disturbed that Don may have bent every rule that they used to be corrupt and then gone to a new level. So the Senate is asking for a fancy learn how to write earmarks like this. Don says they are out of order and this isn't within the rules. As of yet, Don has not explained how a Alaskan representative works up road deals for the state of Florida.

I'm guessing that some Alaskan folks are asking some stupid questions about Don this morning. Its nice to have a representative representing your state....and it'd be nice if he would earmark this widening projects for Alaskan roads instead. I'm thinking Don has screwed up nicely, and might be spending some time in jail. You Alaskan folks might want to start looking for a new guy. On the positive side...maybe Don will move to Florida.....and represent those folks.