Thursday, 1 May 2008

Austria and Its "Dirt" II

So now almost a week into th Austria case of the father who kidnapped his daughter and held her for 24 years.....raping her.....and collecting seven kids along way.....we are left with a couple of questions still.

The steel door at the entry of the hidden area in the way more than a normal man could lug around or hang on the hinges. So how did this it? We are told by the local cops that there was this guy, and no one else. But some things don't work.

Then we come to the three trips he made in recent years. In one case, he was gone for three weeks to Thailand. He left his wife and the three kids upstairs at the house, but no one will explain how the folks in the basement were fed for three weeks. Again, we are told that no accomplishes were involved with the guy.

The original basement did not have all of the security that he had built in the past ten to fifteen years. So how did he keep his daughter captive in the first four or five years?

These are all curious points...and maybe it was just him but if it has to wonder what would have happened had this guy had a heart attack on the street and the wife would have only discovered the prison a year or two later.