Sunday, 18 May 2008

This Kwame Don't Sink

As Kwame Kilpatrick works to counter the city council's agenda to dump him as mayor....apparently there on Thursday....very quietly and appearing in few news organizations....someone turned in a recall petition against the entire city council.

The petition suggested abuse of power and negligence of the council members....then offered no evidence of such. The petition will have to be accepted. It'll be curious if Detroit's mayor may have taken this entire game to a new level.

Just Another Day at the Office

It had been a long day at the office and Ammi Dang Ding Dong was bushed. Running Iran takes alot more sweat and effort than most folks think. It means you have to constantly address Imam's as "sir" and always act friendly and cordial in front of them but really think they are silly old geezers in private. Added to this is the fact that you simply can't get a decent donut or serious T-bone steak. Then you have issues with those dang students who keep complaining that things just aren't right....when you already know that but have simply accepted the lesser version of right.

So you settle back into the living room and gaze at the funny picture some British guy sent you and yearn to escape....maybe to Ripley....maybe to Oxford....maybe even to Bangkok. You'd like to just pack up and escape to someplace where you can buy decent clothings and look "GQ". You'd like to be around big bulky blond babes who wear tube tops and flip flops. You'd like to smell bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen. You'd like to drive a F-150 pick-up with a dog in the back and a set of long-horns mounted on the hood of the truck.

EUstan: Just another Arab Republic in Europe

This week, the Dutch police arrested a serious criminal...a cartoonist. Gregoris Nekschot. joke.

Actually Nekschot is simply is pen-name, but the Dutch police didn't care. They showed up and began this search episode....USB-sticks, memory, CD's, hard drives, computers, etc. It actually took ten big burly girly boys....from the Dutch capture this serious criminal of sorts....a cartoonist.

To be truthful.....Nekschot got into this position by making a number of cartoons which disturb the Arabs of the Netherlands. To say anything negative about Arabs or Middle-Eastern dudes....gets you into a heap of trouble in Europe these days. There are EUarabian laws which seek and protect those with fragile minds and souls. Apparently, the more you worship per day....the less functional your brain becomes after a couple of years. Sadly, if you have a European political figure in front of you....he'll kiss the EUarabain on the lips and tell him how lovely he appears.

The cops say....and the prosecutor involved....that Nekschot may be spending a couple of years in prison. So far, they've avoided discussing this in public or on TV....which you can apparently get away with in EUstan. I'm guessing that public sentiment might be going going against the prosecutor in this episode and a number of protesters....from Porky Pig to Charlie Brown....just might be coming to the rescue of Nekschot....defending cartoon liberty. And if all else fails....we've got Johnny Bravo and Dexter waiting in the wings.