Friday, 23 May 2008

The Spin or Anti-Spin

Lets gaze upon politics for this week.

Karl Rove got a subpoena to speak to congress. Karl hasn't said anything but the White House says that all conversations between Bush and Karl are privileged talks. Congress still wants Karl to come on down. If I were Karl....I'd show up with a two eight-hour speeches to give before I'd hand over control to the congressmen. They've sat and developed some type of judge-power that no one has been able to readily explain how they can act but not convict. They can hand everything over to a special prosecutor but then that has to be appointed by the president, who doesn't have to do anything.

Karl's troubles arise from the firings of nine US district attorneys who work for the president. The accusation is that the White House was trying to cleanse a Clinton group who were in position (so says congress)....but then the group of district attorneys are all appointed by the president and work for the administration....not congress or the Supreme Court. Somewhere in the middle of the Alabama governor episode where Siegelman took massive bribes to appoint a buddy to be the state health insurance guy. Some folks think that Siegelman got caught because Rove arranged the bribe although they can't explain why Siegelman took the bribe in the first place. Bush could fix this by giving a pardon to Siegelman but that would infuriate Siegelman who thinks he is innocent but hasn't explained why he took the bribe money.

Turning to VP activity....McCain is having a bar-b-q this week....which 25 individuals are invited. Most folks think all of the 25 are candidates, but the truth is that probably only four are candidates and the other 21 are folks to gauge the four and their worthiness. My three picks? Gov Charlie Crist of Florida, Mitt Romney, and Gov Bobby Jindal. Crist is the guy who looks sharp on tv and can at least act like a VP. Mitt brings money, Massachusetts, and can easily debate anyone. Then we have Bobby....who probably is seen as the coming President of the US in eight years. By picking Bobby....McCain is leveling the deck and arranging things in 2016. My guess is that Charlie Crist will be picked, with Mitt Romney given the post of Secretary of Treasury, and Bobby Jindal might end up with some cabinet post.

Was Huck invited to McCain's bar-b-q? Yes....but Huck had a marriage anniversary to attend and begged out. I suspect that Huck knows he won't be picked....period. Huck ends up with a radio-chat show by September, with fifty stations carrying humble guess. I don't see his career lifting too far.

Obama and his VP? Well....Hillary thinks she is number one. She wants it bad. Obama would be a fool to bring her in and face weekly criticism over his methods. He could offer her a cabinet post, but I doubt that this would be enough for Hillary. So she's out.

My Obama picks for VP? Wes Clark (a fool of a general), Mr. Bloomberg of NY City (used to be a Republican and now a indepedent), and the Washington state female governor who shall remain nameless. Basically....Bloomberg is the guy that makes Obama unbeatable. Bloomberg brings money and competency into the White House. Bloomberg can do a debate and take down anyone.

So thats my view of the political week.

The AF Cyber Command?

So the AF stood up this week and mailed out the requirements for the headquarters for their new cyber command. There are eighteen states that are begging to get this operation. The AF finally picked the criteria:

- Susceptibility to floods, earthquakes, ice storms, and tornadoes matter
- Power supply must be no question
- Runways and airports must be nearby. I'm guessing they mean international airports too.
- Plenty of office space available
- High-tech corridors nearby
- High-speed bandwidth without question
- Existence of similar cyber activities such as intelligence or space work

So from the 18 states: Ala, Col, Cal, Ark, Iowa, Lou, Mass, Neb, NJ, Miss, Missouri, Mich, NM, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Penn....those criteria really trimmed off most of them.

I'm guessing the only three states in running at this point are Colorado, Massachusetts, and Virginia. All of the them see this as a billion-dollar episode, with tons of construction money and jobs. The amusing thing...the AF has kinda set up Barksdale AFB, Louisiana as the temp site of this deal...and those folks actually thought that this was going to stay there. They've been busy in Louisiana trying to puff up the situation and make it permanent. There's already some construction on base and some folks are scratching their head wondering why build anything if this wasn't the "real" site?

I'm thinking Bobby Jindal of Louisiana (Gov) is working hard on McCain to ensure the pick is going to be his state. If you use the criteria that the AF listed...Louisiana fails miserably. I would suspect some AF folks want to rig this deal so Louisiana won't be the final choice (the comment of susceptibility to floods and such normally never falls into a base its kinda obvious). The funny thing is that Alabama is on the list...and probably hoping to rig every vote possible.

HBO & Recount?

So this week...HBO announced that its producing "Recount" which is a half-fiction, half-fact movie on the Florida election episode of 2000. Kevin Spacey is set to star in this fictional cover a somewhat real event.

I can see this already. Relive the dream, relive an "ugly election", relive a fiasco, relive the drama and chaos, relive the pain and agony, relive the deceit and jolt, relive the triller, relive the intensity, and just relive period.

This was basically a state where a bunch of guys played election commissioner in their country for the past thirty years and always did a half-ass job. In a landslide election, it didn't ever matter about numbers. You could screw up and drop 3,000 votes in a county and no one really grasped that screw-up. But this one particular year, it mattered. So then you toss in a Gore team that wanted to recount votes...but not state-wide...just certain ensure that the Republicans didn't get extra votes. Then you toss in the chad cards and the desire to screw up the military absentee votes state-wide. Finally, you add in 50,000 dual-voters from various states that simply come down to Florida for six months out of the year and are registered voters here and in the other state.

The amusing thing, is that people actually want to relive this and recount this all over again. Across the entire US...this Florida episode taught everyone that a group of half-ass voting commissioners simply were the wrong answer to running a democracy...but we really don't want to admit that this is the common practice of most counties. Life goes in Florida today....and sadly...we'll get to relive the whole experience again.