Saturday, 31 May 2008

Sitting & Thinking

So I sat and pondered this question about environmentalists....what makes them a bit lacking? I sat and thought over the various readings and discussions that you witness on TV...and finally came to several conclusions this week.

First....for the most part.....most of these environmental freaks....have no idea what the actual percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is. You could make up any number, from a professor in English to a professor in Greek Literature and just state a number, and they'd accept it. would strongly appear that the bulk of these folks don't know that
H2O is the most potent greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Again....probably because they fell asleep or they just know very little.

Third.....most environmentalists don't understand a thing about
methane, nor would they realize that its the more potent greenhouse gas. Sadly, you can't find methane credits (like carbon credits)....and if you did....I'd run as far as possible in the opposite direction. Methane is like crack or meth....its a killer of an absolute nature.

Fourth....El Nino to a true environmentalists (one who never took a single class in science) like nuclear science. Even when you bring out the expert and have it explained to them.....they act like
they are still too stupid to understand that the El Nino affect is far more powerful on global weather patterns.

Fifth....maybe its just me....but most environmentalists seem to be socialists at heart and really hate people of wealth. They can't stand a society where people accumulate money and use it at their own discretion. The size of your house, the type of car, the vacation you took....all matter to this guy. They want to size you down. They want your wealth distributed to others. Don't work hard....because you shouldn't get ahead. If this mentality bothers you....smoke some mary-j-u-wanna, and feel good about a different world.

Sixth....I get the opinion that 90 percent of the folks who claim to be an environmentalists (even the English Literature freaks)....have no
education on climatology or meteorology and got most of their information from Al Gore...who is the guy who failed miserably at all of the science related SAT tests. matter how its explained to a environmentalists....the earth's weather pattern can have nothing to do with the sun or solar activities. Even if all of the other planets are reacting....we, the mighty Earth, can't react (Al Gore rule number 44).

Eight....there are more environmentalists in California, Oregon and California....than in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. In fact...I could tally in South Carolina, Kentucky, and Arkansas as well....and still not meet the 50 percent point of the three western states. Lack of education? I kinda doubt it....the same percentage of idiots in school in Portland fell asleep during science class as they did in Red Bay. Strangely enough....there are more Christians in Bama, Miss and Tenn....than in Cal, Oregon and could I envision this as a cult thing? They merely made up for a lost religion by accepting the Gore chant? They had to believe in something. More Washingtonians believe in Bigfoot than this might lend to the idea of cult-acceptance.

Simply rumblings and chatter from a man in a pondering state of mind.


Sometime the midst of democracy America....a DNC group will meet and determine the value of Michigan and Florida votes. The current belief (as of Thursday night) that they will agree to seat half the delegates at the Democratic convention from those two punishment.

I'm sitting wiping away the tears of laughter from my they openly declare every vote declared there in those two a half-wit. These were registered half-wits....pure-blooded Florida and Michigan half-wits. To be honest....some of those half-wits actually were dually registered in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, etc.....and they got their real vote in there....and get a half-vote in this primary episode, which is fair to me.

Its hard to be a half-person, a half-wit, or even a half of anything....these days. It takes work....honest to God real American make something from a whole....into half. A half-vote? Is there such a thing? Well...from a historical view....we did have this prior to most southern actually count the slave vote but not declare the guy a whole person. The plus to this dimwitted strategy was to have a census every ten years and actually beef up the southern population to counter those damn yankees. But that all disappeared in 1860. We haven't had half-witted voting since that point.

I sat and pondered this. If we could do this in the senate....allowing for certain guys to have half-a-vote....after committing some crime or needing discipline. Like that Idaho fella who likes to toe-tap with other guys in airport bathrooms. We could have brought him in....and declared for twelve months....his votes were half-votes....thus making Idaho consider dumping him or just accepting 1.5 votes in their favor when Idaho legislation came up. We could have done this with various other congressmen....offering them a half-vote for a year or two as punishment. This makes good sense in this aspect.

But with such fine ideas...come problems. Folks would begin to question half-wits about why they stay on. Then folks would ask if you could quarter up votes....and then you'd have real trouble. So these DNC guys are going to have a great Saturday....and probably declare you folks from Michigan and Florida as half-wits. Be proud....the folks from 48 other states couldn't accomplish that feat. Be actually got the state into the weekend news....and it was NOT from a murder or crime. Be didn't even have to pay the DNC to accomplish this splitting of the votes. Be proud....America needs more half-wits like you.

So tonight, as you sit there at the porch....sipping your ice chilled tea....eating some saltine crackers....think of them poor folks from Michigan and Florida....and say a little prayer for them. They need it. They are the halves and we are the halve-nots.

Missing the Billions in Iran

What you won't really notice this weekend on the news....because of the incompetent nature of our the Iran story going around. The missing money.

The Shahab News folks out of Tehran are talking about an audit that the parliament has launched into....trying to find the location of $35 billion. Yep....BILLION.

Oil money that was supposed to come in from 2006 to 2007....taken by the President's office and given to the Central bank to dispense by the directions from the Iranian parliament. The audit indicates that the president had this money, but never delivered it to the central bank. No one can explain its location.

In the real world....where billions are moved daily....I'm guessing that a guy could hide a million or two each week and no one would ever notice. Ammi-dang-ding-do could have easily hidden $300 million in a year and no one would say a word. He could have taken $700 million out of $35 billion easily. But to take $35 billion and simply make it disappear....thats very risky. Where would you hide money like this? How would you invest or make this kind of money disappear? $35 billion is a sum of money that you'd have to move far from the middle east and keep hidden. So where is it?

I sat and pondered this event. If you really wanted to hide'd have to take it into third world Malaysia or Singapore or Brazil or South Africa. You'd have to find ways to invest build. But then I thought....why build? Maybe my strategy as the president of Iran isn't to build a fortune....but to unsettle someone else's fortune. I could easily take oil profits.....$35 billion....and bulk up the futures double the profit that Iran would get into the future. I could probably even make a accident. I could launch oil prices from $80 a barrel to $130 a barrel....and screw up the American economy....without firing a shot.

So I'm sitting here looking at an enormous story...which the Bush administration likely just gazes over and moves on....especially with their fantastic CIA finance folks. It wouldn't be hard to find $35 billion....if I wanted to find it....but then....maybe I wouldn't want it found....because it would explain why I'm paying $4 a gallon for gas, and how a dimwit idiot from Iran outstaged the American geniuses. Maybe....or maybe I'm wrong. But its a curious story.

Life in a Different World

So this week....we were told of a "lost" Amazon tribe whose never seen real world. The Brazilian government has reason to believe that no one has ever contacted this tribe....out in the further reaches of the jungle left in Brazil...near Peru. Personally, I have doubts....and probably think otherwise.

They apparently did try to shoot arrows at the helicopters involved. I'm pretty sure this week that a dozen US journalists are on the way and want to the first ones to engage the "lost" tribe and ask if they support the Bush war on terrorism. Somewhere in the translation....I'm thinking that a couple of knives come out and the journalist might be lucky to walk out alive.

If we did bring the "lost" tribe Oprah, or Countdown, or Ultimate Gladiators, or Baskin Robbins ice cream....would it really help them recover from being "lost"? I'm having doubts. Personally....I'd rather just stay "lost"....sip water by the stream....have two or three girlfriends from the tribe to entertain me....have fresh pig every Friday night.....discuss the virtues of sharp arrows versus dull arrows....and just lounge around the camp seven days a week. Sure....there might be a hunting trip or a couple of hours fishing each day. Life would be awful damn simple. Course, I would miss Battlestar Galacticia, waffles, whiskey sours, Katie Couric, Mountain Dew, real soap, bottled glacier water, and reruns of Scooby Doo....but it would be a tough choice.

I'm thinking just let the guys be. They got real girlfriends marriage or divorce taxes....and a pretty healthy diet. Ain't no need to mess this up.

Miserable Work

After the big nuke episode last year....Minot Air Force Base got on the bad boy list. The commander got fired. The base lost its accreditation and had to go through an entire process to recertify everyone. So they had an exercise to test the base in mid-May, after everyone was satisfied that things were right and normal. Apparently, the base failed the exercise. So after almost twelve months of constant hassle....they now get to endear another month of preparing for a major exercise. My guess is that everyone on base would like to leave because there is a bad image to the base and the man-hours they are putting in...are way more than forty a week.

The inspectors at exercise in mid-May said two big events stood out (this from a tiny report in CNN where most of the results were apparently classified). One airman who was a guard at the bomb facility was playing a video game on his cellphone while he was supposed to be guarding the bombs, and a second airman was "totally unaware" of her duties and responsibilities. The second airman....I would guess....probably got to the base within the last two months and probably has actually been working for less than four weeks. She probably is simply manpower amongst a organization that has had its manpower trimmed and cut as far as every person who arrives gets immediate duty after in processing and initial orientation. Every base in the Air Force is now operating in this mindset.....sadly.

So 90 days will pass....with no time off for the summer period, except for maybe the 4th of July weekend. I would guess that all of the officers will be doing a minimum of fifty hours a week....with some even pulling sixty. The senior NCO's? Most are likely to pull a full ten hours a week....Monday through Saturday....and two or three hours on Sunday. Miserability scale? They are all maxing at 9 right now. The lucky guys have assignments coming up and can leave the base. The unlucky guys? The ones coming straight out of basic or tech school....a young 19-year old airman...arriving on a base like this and working long hours for several months until a satisfactory grade occurs.

The amusing thing to that across the entire Air Force....I think few bases could pass any close inspection currently. They all cut manpower enough to own bragging rights to get the perfect management technique but now they have a chaotic situation where they can't do the real work required. They all spent lots of time on initiatives to reorganize their unit or base....then turn around a year later to reorganize their unit or base again. They all have senior NCO's who don't stay in a job long enough to fix or improve the fact....its hard to really learn your profession in this current trend.

So I pity the fools at Minot Air Force Base. Because of the nuke episodes of last year....they got a big red zero on their chest and they have to climb out of a pit. The pit as of four feet deeper now. I wouldn't be happy there....I wouldn't desire to stay....and I wouldn't brag about ever being assigned there.