Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Oklahoma Killings

Most of you have viewed the news over the past day or two of the two young girls killed there in the rural parts of Oklahoma. I've read through the basic reports and looked at what little they offer....from the rural community, the dirt road, and the two guns involved.

The guilty party? I'd be looking for two local guys who are meth users. They are very local and likely knew both girls. They are people in this community who have used meth enough that they don't have any real feeling for those who live or those who die. Its not a visitor or out-0f-state guy. Its not one individual. The girls walked up upon these two guys standing there....likely do a bit of meth....and the surprised guys had their weapons with them....and killed the two witnesses with no clear thinking. In this community of 1,000 people....start check for meth use and come down to the guys who have no alibi. I'm pretty sure this will be simple.

What Will Come

In China, after the earthquake....alot of parents are asking why school building collapsed so easily. They'd like an answer to how their son or daughter died. The cops and authorities played along for several weeks....but this week....they've finally started cordoning off the affected areas and government facilities. Parents aren't allowed close, and neither is the media. The cops and authorities are used to standard behavior....not what they are seeing now.

So what will happen?

If I were a Chinese murder detective....I'd prepare myself for a period of twelve to twenty-four months....where a number of construction folks....from foremen to architects will be found dead in their home. Probably a sledge hammer or knife....but it'll be fairly simple how the dude died. City officials? Yep, same way. The building inspectors? Same way. The mayor? Same way. After about forty of these deaths....the cops will piece together that a certain group are being killed off, and figure that citizens are getting even. Will the authorities stop the parents from killing those responsible? Here, I'm thinking Chinese logic will kick in....and kinda let the parents accomplish what the government really doesn't want to do.