Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Perfect Woman

So some Japanese folks...who are real smart....have developed a female-like robot. She's only 15 inches tall and costs around $175, running off AAA batteries. You can see the implications here,its for lonely guys.

The thing here isn't so much this robot but the concept....which you know is coming soon.

There will be a point within ten years where a life-sized robot will the neighborhood of $100k, with a female appearance....and single guys will be buying her. You can expect her to chat and discuss things....of your choosing. You can expect her to clean house and sort bills. You can expect her to perform some kind of sexual maneuver....although I'm not even going to guess what.

These guys are going to buy her....even at $100k.

Why? Because they really can't handle women in flesh and blood. They can't stand domineering women. They can't stand the dating process. They can't stand arguments. They can't stand discussing intimate things with someone who doesn't feel the same as you. They can can't stand dancing or certain opera music or guessing your feelings tonight. So they want a robot fix the problem.

Will this be coming to America? The next thirty years....I would doubt it. The cost would still make Wanda Jean out of Shreveport still the best option possible for a wife. But as we cross over 2050....and they cut down the price of the Ricki Robot....and make her more human in nature....they will finally reach the American public and guys will be saving their money to have a fake companion.

It'll be a dismal day for woman across America.....having been defeated by the Japanese crowd. Its not the thing you really expected....having some robot gal who does what a guy enjoys....and ends up being his life-long companion....forever....forever...forever.

As for me getting a Ricki Robot gal? Pretty doubtful....if I had $100k....I'd rather spend on a pontoon boat....rather than a robot. Plus I'd be thinking she'd be upgraded to Vista sooner or later....and then she'd be all craped out and non-functional.

Allow Us to Screw You Over

So here is Atlanta city council member....C.T. Martin....who wants the city add a $10 to $15 fee for speeders....because of the gas crisis. No joke.

Amusingly enough....he was second in the state to ask for this. The council over in Holly Springs already approved a $12 fuel surcharge fee to each speeder that they catch.

If gas goes to $6 a gallon....I'm guessing they will up the extra fee to $25. Pretty nifty idea.....helps to screw people over using the gas crisis as a financial crisis for their little pavement area.

I could see this mentality spreading. Going to do a law suite against the town cops? Add on a $15,000 surcharge gas fee to the expenses you are seeking. Going to make a trip to Wal-Mart....expect a $2 surcharge gas fee when you enter the front door. Going over to the bar & grill to get blasted on cheap booze? Then Ed the bartender is setting a $2 gas surcharge on your bar-tab when you start drinking.

We could make millions and millions off this game. Everyone could get a gas surcharge. Show up at the house one night....the wife is in fancy black leather stuff....the kids are visiting grandma....and you've got some pretty lusty ideas....then the wife says a $15 gas surcharge as you start to discuss your intentions.

Going to the dentist? He stops you at the door and asks for a $8 gas surcharge. Going to the VFW bar in town....the guys have a $14 monthly gas surcharge that they tack onto your bill.

I could see this spreading.