Thursday, 19 June 2008


Those kindly folks in Myanmar never got a single bit of help there a month ago. Not a bit. But its interesting now....there is no massive starvation episode going on. The locals apparently went back to old habits from decades ago....when other storms hit....and no help came....and they are surviving.

There is a lesson here. Because the 1980s....the US hardly ever came out to help folks out. In fact....most countries would just send food supplies and tents....and that was about it for the past fifty years.

This type of what most folks are used to around the globe. They aren't sitting there and waiting for rescue by the US Army. It makes you wonder if New Orleans could have done the same thing....if you had simply told them that nothing was going to come....and no FEMA trailers were going to be dragged in....and no one was going to rebuild nothing that was nine feet under sea level. You have to wonder.

My Oldsmobile Story

I had the Master Sgt I work with....come over to my desk yesterday....asking me how to dispose of a car. So I gave her the 2-step process here on base. Then I asked why?

Apparently, she decided her 2000 Oldsmobile SUV was dead enough to dump. I scratched my head over this...barely 8 years old....shouldn't be dead to dump.

So she told the most woeful car story I ever heard. She bought this in 2001.....already one year old. The chief reason....really great car seats and lots of interior space. This made sense.....although looking back.....some research might have been nice to accomplish.

Six months later (18 months old then)...the transmission went out totally. The warranty paid for a new rebuilt engine. Months later...another problem....another warranty item. Six months later...another problem. All paid by the warranty.

Then the warranty ran out. The problems continued. And the cost started to add up.

She came over here in 2005...and since then...has paid thousands and thousands to repair the thing...including another rebuilt transmission.

Three weeks ago...the brakes totally went out while the husband was driving it. He avoided a collision and eased into a parking lot. She decided that was the end to the car. The seats are probably still in perfect condition....five-star seats.....but after that.....its a crappy vehicle.

She's taking it to the dump next week. Pretty sad story on Oldsmobile.

The Energy Futures Crowd

Yes, we can pretty much admit that half of the entire gas problem we have related to the energy futures market. Most all experts will admit that the number of "players" are double and much more aggressive than two years ago. The entry vehicle? Strangley enough....a congressional passed item referred to as the "Enron runaround". There were special congressmen and senators who helped to pass this a decade ago....enabling Enron to become the whopper it was and then to dissolve itself. The little bill item has been known for at least five years....strangely enough....the idiots won' take a step to correct it. Yep....and at the top of the list of losers who won't attack the item....our buddy.....Senator McCain.

So the US congress and senate won't touch this Enron runaround item. Nope....just can't do it.

So here is my fix. If the federal dimwits won't fix the problem....lets fix this Bama style.

This week, we've gotten a full view of city police attaching a "fuel surcharge" on traffic tickets. Last week, it was the airlines attaching more a fuel-fee on the bags and such. Various organizations are tossing on extra fees and charges now.

So you state senators and state rep's from Bama.....lets toss a juicy fee onto the fire. Set up a energy futures surcharge tax. bet heavily in the futures market and make more than $5k a year.....we want half of your profit. Its called the 50 percent energy surcharge tax. You pay us each spring as you pay your income taxes and admit the profit off your energy betting game.

The money we make? We hand the profits from this "tax" over to the state school folks to pay for energy include the university system second in line....and eventually the state orphans home. Yep....we take half your profit as a tax.

The best part about this...the minute we pass this.....Mississippi will wake up and pass the same bill. Then Louisiana, then Florida, then Kentucky, etc. Within four months.....every single state will have a tax over the profits of the futures crowd.

The idiots from Washington....the senators and the congressmen....who are all taking bribes.....let them weep as you sweep up the mess and clean up what they refused to do. In a matter of weeks....the entire futures market will collapse in the everyone dumps their money and moves onto something else. Oil will rocket down to $70 a barrel and we all sit around the porch wondering why senators in DC are that stupid.

Gitmo Fear

This week.....some congressman from Colorado woke up and grasped that if Gitmo closes (it is possible), and the detainees are brought to the is VERY possible that they will be brought to Colorado. He (a Republican, of course), is a bit upset about this mess.

No one on the Fed side has said a word. But if you look around central Colorado...they've got a fair number of federal prisons and state prisons.

This idiot says that it's going to be a serious issue when desperate killers are brought into Colorado and he'd prefer that they stay at Gitmo.

I paused here and started to think about those dudes at Gitmo.

They currently have a military-run place where food is appropriate to their native diet.....three meals of outstanding food per day. They get reading material in their native language. They have an extremely safe environment where no other prisoner bring harm to them. They sit in a cell with ample square footage. Life right now....might not be that bad.

If they are moved to Colorado....they probably get half the square special meals.....and at least 1,000 prisoners who'd like to kill them. If I were a Gitmo guy....I'd be thinking about the difference in location. I might want real legal privileges.....and a court case heard in front of a real American judge, with real rights....but in terms of where I live for this duration....I'd want Gitmo....hands down.

Al "The Mighty" & His Woes

So....lets get this all straight. Al "The Mighty" Gore.....decided last year he was in deep crap and wanted to make his home in Nashville more energy-efficient. So , Al "The Mighty" added solar panels, installed a geothermal system, replaced existing light bulbs with more efficient models, and overhauled the windows and ductwork. He had experts all along the make damn sure this was a show-house later.

This month....the Tennessee Center for Policy Research went out and got the electrical power usage for Al's house....which apparently....they can do in Tenn....and discovered that Al's radically designed consumes.....10 percent more power than it did before.

From Bama.....this is practically impossible for me to imagine. The Center says that Al's home used up 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, which oddly enough is enough power to support around 232 average American households for a month. Al's current bill.....almost $16.5k a a whopper.

So being from Bama....I have made four observations.....which....if Al is reading this....this is free advice. just ain't possible for Al's home to be using 10 percent more power than before....therefore, I am left with the belief that the guys who installed all of this.....are working for Karl Rove.....and they've installed a massive power device beneath the swimming pool which burns up $8k worth a power a month to make Al look foolish. Karl would be the likely guy running this....since he is from Bama....and would pay off guys with Saudi slushy money. is my firm belief a second possibility....that Al accidentally turned the solar reflector switch to the right....and is currently pumping solar power back out via the devices....toward the sun. I saw this once on a Simpsons episode. I believe Al was simply an idiot and threw the switch the wrong way.

Third.....I think Al never read the instruction book that came with the crap he installed....thus has never used a single bit of its potential power to save energy. Al is that stupid....if you didn't know.

Fourth and final.....Al....if you are reading this and really are red-faced over this crap....then listen carefully. The best way to fix this to quietly buy the property next door, and run a PVC pipe under the turf one night....while Karl Rove is not looking.....and join your power consumption switch with the next door's house. You buy the house next door under an assumed Homer T. Picklebody....and just use this fake home hide your real usage of electricity. Let your home show 1kWh of power for the entire year. Make Karl weep. Make the Tennessee Center for Policy Research weep. Make Fox News weep. Make Rush weep.

You don't deserve all this harsh treatment Al. Just because you run the sauna twenty-four hours a day.....have a pizza oven running around the clock.....and have twenty-two plasma LCD panels in the game room....doesn't mean you have to suffer. Get a real American and beat the system. Don't let them knock you.

Vancouver & Feet

Over the past two months....a couple of feet (individually, of course) have washed up along some islands that are half-way to Alaska. Just feet....nothing else. Almost all had tennis shoes on....and each comes from a different fella. And they are all accidentally detached from the body....NOT cut or such.

This week....the sixth one showed up.

Cops are a bit disturbed by the event....although they keep saying that it must be from an accident. But then they can't match anyone up.

So some bits of information on the world up there in western Canada. The islands off the coast? All are mary-j-u-wanna crop areas. In fact.....the cops look the other way in the vast majority of cases....either because they get paid off or they don't want to mess with these guys. There is a reputation amongst the mary-j-u-wanna guys up there....that this is their sacred territory and they really don't want any problems or new neighbors.

Then you add in the mafia of sorts....the Chinese guys and the real-old fashioned Canadian mafia....and you got yourself a fair amount of Jersey there near Vancouver.

My bet is that some folks have been whacked....taken out in a boat....with a chain attached to a leg and dumped off with a concrete block. The foot? Sooner or comes loose and goes to the coastline. How many folks meet their end per year there? This would be a curious thing. No one talks much about missing folks in both the US and terms of massive numbers. I'm guessing a good fifty folks find an end out there via the mary-j-u-wanna folks or the mafia. Just my humble guess.