Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Kindly Violin Teacher

Briana Waters was a dimwitted 25-year old supporter of environmentalists back in 2001. She assisted (without any doubt), in the burning of a research center at University of Washington. The court this week....gave the former violin teacher.....a 6-year stint in a federal jail and a fine of six million. She attempted to show how she'd become a model citizen....having a kid....even getting 250 letters from folks who felt good about her....but the judge didn't really care.

This is the individual who fired two of her public attorneys and then got upset with the final guy because he was extremely tough on the court itself.

The judge even went to the extent of denying her any freedom upon the conclusion of the sentencing....starting the episode immediately for her.

Whats interesting about this case....after you read through the whole thing...is what the judge said to Waters at the end. He spoke to her....of failing to take responsibility for her actions.....not admitting guilt at any time in the entire case.....and then showed such a "sense of arrogance and entitlement in the case it would almost be comical if it wasn't so serious."

She apparently did win some sympathy from the jury because several charges were "not-guilty", thus avoiding the 30-year sentence.

I'm guessing Briana will find the federal prison system to be an interesting experience....maybe enough to modify her behavior and start worrying about bigger things in life than environmental crimes. I have no idea what the parole deal will be but I'm thinking she will serve a good five years before they release her from the prison. The old friends? Well....she might not be very happy or cordial with them....as she is released....and if they ever bring up any future environmental crime idea....she'll be the first to leave the room. Its a sad day across the nation....for violin teachers.