Saturday, 5 July 2008

Cultural Nuisance Network (CNN)

Unlike most of you....I'm kinda stuck for news....its either German news...or CNN....or read what I desire off the internet. So I make due, and on some rare occasions I will actually turn on the Cultural Nuisance Network (CNN). It is difficult to sit there for half an hour....watching some trash that I'd vow never to watch again, but do it over and over.

The CNN International team....different from the real CNN team...try to bring an international flavor to the network....and normally are very much anti-US. In fact...if you looked over an entire year....ninety-eight percent of the George Bush news is usually slanted and negative....although to be fair....half of it is probably half-right....yep....a Bamaism...."half of a half is right".

There is "British Becky" who is perky and tends to be neutral. Becky is probably the only CNN Internatinal figure that I'd readily invite to the front porch under all conditions.

Collen McEdwards? She's the trampy gal with hot choices for outfits and ought to get some kind of fashion award for CNN "hot babes" or such....but the sad truth is that she looks trampy because the rest of the female CNN crew dress like 1966. I usually sit there and admire Collen's outfit for about 60 seconds while the sound is on mute....then un-mute the TV to catch the real news. I think she could make that Jonathon Mann dude fall apart on air....if she just leaned forward six inches toward him.

Jonathon Mann? He's the slugger....the fourth batter...the guy you call to cover Al Gore at the Oscars or such. He dresses like Donald Trump and presents a class act. It doesn't matter if he's talking about secret deals in Bolivia or goat sacrifices in Haiti or the situation of whiskey in Ireland...he's the guy you want at the lead.

Then we have the "mate"....the Aussie guy is the best at slanting against the US....and usually tries to wink at his partner half the time to show how smooth he is in doing this slant.

Then we have Richie Q...the meth-doper dude who got caught in Central Park six weeks ago and has disappeared in rehab apparently. CNN didn't fire him but then he probably was very quick to volunteer for rehab and get back to his high-paying job. Richie is on some type of upper...for most of his shows...and while you appreciate his neutral view of the have to wonder how he can make it on that much caffeine and uppers.

Todd Benjamin is the British news and finance wiz...who will show a bit of personality on occasion but purely hates Richie Q to the max....the two can't be on the same just won't work. Todd is far superior in analysis than most of the crew....but I think they hold it against him and hinder his time.

Jim Clancy? He delivers, but if you sit there with a developing story...he's empty on moment by moment analysis...and simply gives you the sound bytes that the boys in the back pump up front.

Ralitisa? Man, now we get to real journalism...with a Bulgarian slant and view. You can't dislike this gal...she carries just a tad of southern slang with her old fashioned Bulgarian language....and she is actually intelligent enough to ask question after question. She could go places....but you can tell her confidence level is maxed out and she's likely to accept this deal with CNN for another ten years and then retire on the Black Sea to sip Whiskey Sours and toss lawn darts. And at least she is neutral on everything.

So day after day...I watch this crew of sorts and their buddies. Its a love-hate thing I have for CNN International. If I could watch Sky or Fox....I probably would....but then....I wouldn't get the massive anti-US slant....and maybe thats a good thing....well....maybe.

Save the Children, Until the Party Ends

Save the Children....a major charity fund which gets millions off of various governments.....are kinda furious this week. They are jumping up and down over the G8....possibly discussing the idea of ditching promises of extra aid for Africa. It makes for great press...whether 100 percent true or 50 percent true.

So we have the dimwits at the STC (Save the Children) who claim leaked documents show G8 leaders meeting in Japan (July 7-9) are up to no good. How these dimwits got the leaked documents is never explained....but one has to assume that some folks in the G8 are the idea is that the G8 is planning aid cuts when Africa's poor have been left even more vulnerable by global food shortages and spiraling prices.

STC says the G8 appears ready to drop its aid promises. STC even warns the cost of living had risen by 83 per cent and the G8 needed to wake up to the emergency threatening the lives of millions of children. Somewhere in the midst of this is Adrian Lovett....who is a director of sorts for STC....who says: "If the G8 wants to betray the hopes of a generation of children, it is going the right way about it. The food crisis is an emergency and the G8 must treat it as that. Going back on aid promises now is like cutting emergency assistance in the aftermath of the Tsunami. The G8 should be increasing aid spent on malnourished children in light of the rising price of food, not cutting back."

The question here...which most folks ought to be asking the how many parties has the organization held in the past five years? How much did they spend on catering? How much booze and wine has the STC bought over the past five years? How much did they spend on upscale office space? How much did they spend on media crews or VIP travel to Africa in the past five years?

More than a handful of folks have come out in the past year and chatted in South Africa about popular parties and functions held by the STC squad....which makes one wonder how much really goes beyond the STC folks and actually does any good.

Before the really couldn't find too many charities in Africa or Asia other than a few Christian organizations. Since the 1980s....we've seen a dramatic increase in charity existence throughout Europe and America. There are at least three hundred organizations that now claim they are serving a worthy purpose....saving lives....or just feeding the poor.

At some point, your analysis and thinking should lead to the question...what happened before the 1960s? And the answer is....nothing. You either grew your own food or you died. So we've helped a major portion of the world get to the idea of uncivilized best description. The STC squad wants the G8 to help fund this welfare....forever and forever. ought to wander why never ever gets better in Africa....and why more money is always needed. At that point....STC becomes a lost cause.

I am charitable but then I am need to fix your problems and get on with life...or just give up. To settle for permanent welfare....just won't work.

Max P. Sanders

Somewhere in the midst of America....actually near Minneapolis, to be exact....there is this guy named Max P. Sanders...who went on EBay and offered up his vote.

You could....for a brief his vote on election day. Then EBay took the ad down....then the cops came....the feds charged Max.....a college student....with a federal crime.

He apparently got NO bids on his vote....which kinda makes the whole effort a joke anyway....but then the feds decided that he ought to get a charge for this terrible thing. There is this possibility of Max getting a $10k fine and up to five years in a federal prison.

I don’t think there is a single senator in DC...who hasn’t sold a vote. In fact....I’d doubt that you could find a single senator who doesn’t sell his vote “weekly”.

I don’t see the issue here. We’ve come to accept the big guys getting paid off routinely....even our most trusted Republican senators...that this lousy effort by a 19-year old college student isn’t even worth mentioning. Then if we stick him in some prison...we end up paying the prison system $20k a year to guard and feed this guy. So just three years of prison life is going to cost you the taxpayer almost $60k in total fees and costs. And don’t forget....he will fight this in court....with public defenders. So the end bill for this game is easily $200k. For $200k, I could buy three good senator votes in why waste the money on some punk in Minneapolis?

We can all talk of a pure clean America....but thats long gone. We are now fundamentally flawed....and this kid is just another simple reason why things aren’t working right. So lets just pay off the fed DA involved in this case, and help him build up his war-chest to run against some Democrat in Arkansas in two years. Thats the sad name to this game.

Remember Kelsey?

Kelsey Peterson was the teacher in Nebraska who ran off with her 13-year old student to Mexico back about a year ago.

This week....with a special deal worked out in court, she admitted her guilt and will get a six-year sentence....which was alot better than the ten years originally mentioned. The remaining issue is the state charges, although some Nebraska figures are discussing a deal as cut back on the cost of a court experience. I'm guessing it'll be a five year deal, and probably run along side with the time in the federal prison. This way....the state doesn't have to pay her prison costs and can claim credit for being "tough" on crime.

Junior is likely to sit out and wait for her exodus from prison in 2014....when he'll be twenty. I'll stand here now and even bet that he's at the gate and greets her with roses....while some TV producer films the entire event. The kid will be stuck on this woman for this entire period.

Its kinda amusing and I'd wish they make a comedy on this whole mess to make teachers sit back and think about what the heck they are doing. But you can't make such a movie about some older woman having an affair with a 13-year old kid....unless this was a French movie or such.

So life goes on now....and we can settle back to watch the next teacher get hot and heavy with another 13-year old kid.