Friday, 11 July 2008

Difference in Young Hotties?

A former US in the midst of serious legal trouble....with the court accusing him of sex with 14 to 17-year old girls from Brazil and Congo. This all is apparently supported by his video and picture collection that he kept of the "events".

This week...after the conviction....and in the midst of the sentence situation where he could offer some ideas why the max should not be given.....Gons Nachman says.....that younger girls in these countries....Brazil and Congo....are more mature than American girls....thus none of the evidence means anything.

In the discussion of his sentence....where the max is twenty years...Gons is suggesting that he shouldn't be given much of a sentence....maybe ten years max.

His that the US and the "uncivilized' world...are much different. That girls typically in Congo and Brazil date, and even marry men in their forties....while basically a teenager. This is regularly accepted in these countries.

The sad thing about this that Gons is kinda right. After wondering around Panama for three years......I came to realize that life in the US just isn't life in Panama. The same is true in Europe. I can say this after living here for fifteen years now. Our judgments are based on life in America....and not much else.

Its hard to say if the judge agrees with Gons, or if he's going to hand out a twenty year sentence. My honest guess is that a 13-year sentence will be handed down....and life will go on. The point has been made....and Gons can enjoy a prison for a decade.


Like Catch-22, there is a method to the madness, which will terminate the entire Gitmo operation and likely make Cheney and the Rumsfeld crew to appear as the biggest idiots of the past forty years.

This week, there were five of the Gitmo boys who appeared in the Gitmo courtroom....singularly of course.....since none can be in the same room as the others. The boys have decided.....based on some discussions with various US attorneys.....that they will defend themselves. The judge says that really can't be and strongly suggested to use the free labor offered with the US defense attorneys. The general feeling that they will defend themselves....for reasons that will become apparent.

For each to defend himself in such a court....the offense would have to provide a fair amount of data...which is classified, and the general feeling is that the US government won't dare do something that stupid. So a man trying to defend himself.....can't.

Adding to this Rumsfeld the fact that if they do proceed ahead....every single bit of detail and evidence presented....has to be in Arabic as well.....written Arabic. For the US to provide a translation effort here....would take at least e might months.....and multiply that by five....this could add up to eighteen months of work, provided they find the right guys to translate this stuff....and they are fairly aggressive about this.

I suspect the judge is sitting back in his Gitmo hotel room.....shaking his head and wondering how long this entire case will take. He won't even be around in twelve months and will have to hand this off to the next judge....who likely will have to restart part of this process again. Adding to the mess he has to sort out this the fact that it appears that none of the five were offered pencil and paper, when they asked for it. The judge is probably wondering what idiot did that episode and how many hours a day that he, the judge, will have to personally manage a 3-ring circus.

If the judge does try a shortcut process....I'm guessing the entire episode will end up in the Supreme Court....where the big boys will toss the case out because the Gitmo boys were treated unfairly without any common sense demonstrated by the Bush White House. So if anyone was writing a Catch-22 story....Gitmo-22 would be a great title.