Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A Savage Reminder

Micheal host and radical himself deep into a hostile crowd this week...with comments that he made on alot of Autism involving "misdiagnosed brats". He suggested that 90-odd percent....are wrongly misdiagnosed. This pretty much tore up the Autism crowd and they want his show off the air.

I sat there and pondered this.

What I do find before 1980....we existed for the most part without this entire "campaign" or the identification of a kid as such. I was in a class in the late 60s and early 70s...where we had kids who probably had something you'd refer to as ADD and even some kids who might have been Autistic...and we pretty much survived on...without the drugs...special programs....and special books written by special writers. How? Thats something people might want to refer to and ask themselves....our society and race didn't die out....we survived and progressed....without drugs or treatment.

I'm not going to say that Savage is totally wrong.....but he might have something that we ought to think about. How did we ever survive till today.....without all these special programs and such? There might be a reason that explain alot about our past.....and our future.

The Vast New York City

Mayor Bloomberg announced today that the city will operate its rules and regulations via six languages now. Italian, English, Korean, Russian, Spanish and French Creole. The Japanese guys were left were the Chinese....the Kurds.....the Swedes.....the Dutch....the Poles....the Egyptians.....the Latin crowd.....the Burmese.....the Cherokee nation....the Portuguese.....and even the Romanians.

Somewhere amongst the stupidity here.....the mayor didn't really say it....but its going to cost into the tens of millions to have trained speakers on hand and constantly translating every single bit of city manufactured literature into a separate language. Apparently, those New York City folks are rich enough to do this kind of operation.

I sat and read this....and kept might be alot simpler to have everyone in the city speaking one language. I'd hire on a crew to offer free English classes to everyone and just go the simpler route....much like America did in the 1800s and said that there was only one language in American schools.

The curious thing out of this that French Creole is not really pure some dude from France is not going to fully grasp this and pretty upset about this Creole business.

After walking through JFK and reading this development....its going to be a wonder if the airport can even function under this stupid idea. At least fifty of these translators will have to be out there and working daily for the airport in making this idea work. Thank God....its New York City.....and only there.

Stars and Stripes Letter

Hidden in the Stars and Stripes a letter today.....from 2Lt Clay Eiland....commenting on the Air Force and its VIP pod (which I recently blogged on) for cargo planes....with the fancy leather seats. Lt Eiland is a bit peeved at the Air Force and its generals.....saying "....diverts taxpayer money so that the VIPs can travel like rock stars". He readily points out that $16.2 million would have bought 15 MRAPs....the big protected truck which saves GI's daily on the roads in Iraq.

The Lt is correct.....we don't have a need for rock stars running around the Middle East or doing Global War on Terror tours. Any political figure or general who thinks he is a rock star....needs a mental check....and maybe a new occupation.

Another Stimulus Package?

Apparently one stimulus package was not our Democrats are strongly pushing yet another stimulus package. After sitting and pausing on this entire mess....I have a new suggestion to make....a $1000 stimulus check for American family every four months. Keep giving it until the nation is either well....or bankrupt. Either way....its a good my humble opinion.

The Denver Gas Pleasures

So if you look hard for news in will find this tidy little article...where the Democratic committee organizing the Democratic National Convention got to use city-owned gas pumps to fill up vehicles....and somehow....avoided paying state and federal fuel taxes. Its only ended when the news got out about the practice. The Mayor announced that the committee would end up paying the appropriate fuel taxes and was liable for all market prices of fuel used. The best anyone can say is that at least $9k worth of gas had been obtained so far. And interestingly enough...they even had authorization to use the city car wash their rental cars.

The mayor then wanted everyone to know that the Republicans are enjoying the same rights up in Minnesota....or least he says so. No one is admitting nothing up there more to come on this issue.

Pretty nifty trick. I wish I was a real democrat and was a convention dude.