Thursday, 24 July 2008

Small Towns?

I got my monthly copy of Money magazine today....which had a spread covering the best "small towns" in America....from 50,000 to 300,000.

The curious thing about this 100 city listing....NOT one single town from Mississippi, Alabama or Georgia. I just kinda sat there and laughed.

Then they wanted you to know the best overall small town.....was Plymouth, Minn. I kinda sat there.....knowing a guy from that region from years ago. He talked on and on how miserable it was in December and January.....cold as heck.....lots of snow....and real winters lasted five months. He vowed never to go back and permanently live there.....yet this town is picked as number one?

The rest of the top ten were also sad stories for various reasons. Whichever idiot works for Money, and does projects like this.....must be sipping alot of beer in the afternoon and fudging the numbers. I'd also advise these guys to actually visit the town and see for themselves.

How could those fools not include Muscle Shoals or Ripley or Huntsville?

People of Berlin.....

So a brief review of the Obama speech in Berlin.

You people in Berlin are lucky....if you could vote....he'd be president....but since you can' might want to think about the guys who can vote.

There wasn't a mention for the guy in Jackson, Mississippi who'd like social security to be fixed.

There wasn't a word for the guy in Alabama who's been waiting for lower taxes.

There wasn't a word for the guy in Austin who owns a house and is in serious job jeopardy and may not be able to afford the $1400 a month that he was foolish to sign himself up for in terms of a mortgage.

There isn't a single part of this speech that really attracts a independent voter in America. This is the speech which was supposed to "JFK-ize" the German public to his side. But it doesn't do much for American voters and I'm thinking the video clips will be used with the Love Parade and Hitler to make a point about Germans and their vision of the world

So thats pretty much the state of this speech.

Oh, and the visit that Obama was going to make to Landstuhl to see wounded GI's.....cancelled. No reason given. If you asked me personally.....the hospital couldn't guarantee several thousand GIs in mass to give a strong appearance. At some point, the handlers likely made a decision that the image wasn't what they drop it. Just my humble opinion.