Friday, 25 July 2008

The Nuke Crap, Version 3.1

Every couple of months....the Air Force decides to screw up on some nuclear stuff....just to shock and surprise everyone. I originally thought it was an accident when these occurred, but I now think its intentinal and part of the Air Force strategy to make folks feel sorry for they don't go off to Iraq as much as the Army or Marine dudes.

This week.....we had the "sleepers".

So four officers were directed to make a trip out to a nuclear missile silo area near Minot, ND. The four officers went into the silo area and loaded the top secret codes that they were supposed load, and then left the silo....coming up to the ranch-house above the complex. This is typically where you rest and eat. The security cops keep a guard or two up around this guard the entire complex and protect the house. All of this is fenced off, and not easy to get to.

At this point.....all four officers are outside of the the ranch-house......and awaiting orders to return to base. Remember.....we aren't talking about airman or NCOs....these are all junior officers....probably less than six years in the Air Force.....but college educated.

One officer left the group.....which is a puzzling thing as to where he went and what he did. The other three just sat there....and then all fell asleep. The Air Force won't say if this was 9PM or 4AM or noon....that part we are left in the dark about. But the three boys left there in the house.....feel asleep.....with the top secret codes in their possession.....although in a locked box....within a heavily guarded compound......protected by a SP at the facility.

Three hours supposedly go by. One dude wakes up.....then another.....then another. One of these idiots then says something to the effect...."we've all been sleeping and thus a security incident has occurred....and we must run to the base and report ourselves". The Air Force won't tell us the precise comments by the dimwit.....but I can kinda guess what the idiot said.....and the two others didn't argue with him.

The security dude back at base probably started weeping when the three officers walked confess their sins. Another nuke incident. The commander started the investigation. After a number of days......they eventually came to the conclusion that the top secret code item was locked in a box....within a secure compound area.....with a armed guard. So other than a bit of disciplinary paperwork to punish the three sleepy dopes....thats about it.

When I came to Bitburg years ago....we had three Air Force Academy dudes arrive. Two of them quickly pointed out the third....a fairly religious and conservative individual. He was the "confessor". Basically....anything at the academy that he saw as wrong....he reported. Even if he was the guy who made the mistake.....he ran to admit his fault.

One morning.....very early.....I arrived at the vault building. Our whole shop resided in one building, and we were the only occupants. You had to unlock a front door with a key.....walk fifty feet into a hallway....and then come to a vault door where you had to spin the dial and open it like a bank vault. The vault door was alarmed.

So as I approached the building door, here came the confessor Lt. I put the key find it unlocked....which I thought was strange. We entered. No one else was there and the vault door was engaged. The confessor Lt immediately confessed that he'd been the last guy out the previous evening, and had forgotten to lock the outer door. As we spun the dial....the vault door was fully locked. I said no problem...everything was ok. He quickly corrected me and said a security violation was in progress.

I stood there....trying my best to let him know that other than someone stealing toilet paper from our bathroom...that was virtually all they could have done, with the front door unlocked.

He corrected me again. I stood there as a 14-year NCO....and quickly assessed the Lt was a nutcase.

The guy then calls the security guy and starts to confess his terrible crime. I stood there in the office....just shaking my head. The security guy asked three direct questions.....because all he cared about was a secure vault. At the end of the three questions......the security guy told him there was no issue and thanked him for his concern. The Lt wasn't happy. He wanted a full investigation.....and the security guy told him "NO"....there would be no such investigation. He hung up then.

As I read this nuke episode case.....I had this vision of the confessor Lt, and kept thinking.....its th same thing all over again.

Stanley Kobierowski

What we know about that the cops did pick him up.....around Providence, RI last week. At the moment when they got him......he was driving....with a blood alcohol level of .491.

For those of you who wondered about this.....normally.....with .5, you are dead or you ought to be.

.4 would be considered comatose by the experts.

And even .3 would be considered a drunken stupor where you shouldn't be able to even stand.

So Stanley has beat all the odds. I'm thinking Stanley will be in the jailhouse for at least 30 days for this episode, and may lose his license for a month or two. It would be curious to know what Stanley drinks...and how he started that evening.

A Moment of JFK Memory

While the Obamaville folks (Germans) are all chatty about the comparison to JFK....there are some strange aspects of the JFK election results that some might to remember here.

At the end of the November 1960 election....JFK barely had 49.7 of the national vote. It wasn't a real majority. His opposite? For those who don't was Richard Nixon....the VP of the Republican party at the time.....who pulled in 49.5 percent of the national vote. The other one percent? Well....this was a three party episode....with Harry F. Byrd & Strom Thurmond running their campaign, which happened to pick up Mississippi's electoral vote...with a electoral vote vote or two from Alabama and Oklahoma.

Kennedy didn't have overwhelming support of the nation.

Lets also discuss the fact that seven states were decided by a margin of 1.5 percent or less on their state voting results. Nixon took almost the entire western part of the United States....with a bit of central south (Tenn and north), and Florida. Kennedy had issues in almost every state.

Most people today still regard the final results in Illinois and Texas key to the victory by Kennedy. Both were strongly suggested to have false votes tossed into the results to help the Western Texas power players and by the Chicago Democratic machine.

Kennedy ended up with 303 electoral votes....but without the Texas and Illinois suggested false votes...then both the popular vote and the electoral vote would have gone the opposite direction.

So those who suggest he might be the second coming of JFK...might want to ask how popular Kennedy really was.....and if the majority of the American public preferred someone else besides Kennedy as their president.