Monday, 11 August 2008

A Captain Kirk Moment with Obama

I'm generally negative against both McCain and Obama, but the difference is that Obama tends to surprise me with his "God-like" acceptance that falls upon his feet.

I often am reminded of the terrific Star Trek movie "The Final Frontier"....where Sybok has kidnapped the crew and the ship.....with this intense sales job of finding God on this grand trek. He has convinced everyone of this wonderful feeling that will occur when God has finally arrived within their grasp.

Near the end of the movie.....Captain Kirk has been the last to find any agreement in this entire sales job. Yet, they've arrived at the wondrous place that Sybok talks so much of, and Kirk is generally interested in the meeting with God.

So they've landed....and here is Kirk, Sybok, McCoy and Spock. They suddenly come to face "God" and Sybok is soaking up this entire experience....the change that he always dreamed of. Then "God" says that he's happy that everyone arrived....and now he can use the spaceship to leave this planet.

You see this slow pan around to Captain Kirk at this magic moment.....when he raises his finger and asks "What does God have to need with a spaceship?"

Reality now strikes the viewer....because the "God-like" experience is suddenly evaporating away. The change that Sybok suggested....the life feeling......the end-all cure to all your ills.....just wasn't real. It was imaginary in nature.

It is a Kirk-like moment watching these clips of Obama chat on and on with "change". Its almost a God-like experience now to feel an Obama-change and the life force that it brings into your insignificant life. You feel better. You feel like Grandma is about to hand you a dish of fresh apple pie. You feel like the Yankees in 1927. You start to feel like NCAA football and NASCAR are both the national treasures of sports.

Then Kirk brings you back to reality. What change is it.....that is magically going to occur? Does it involve tax dollars or congress? Does it really fix anything or just trigger more of whatever ails you currently? What magic does Obama have over the past five presidents who also had opportunities for change, and barely did anything special? Why do I need an entire agenda of make myself vote for a guy?

So I'm locked in the Captain Kirk scene....where he questions "God", and begins to see no real change. And I'm pondering awful hard.....what "change" is it that makes me feel so good all over?