Thursday, 14 August 2008

Air Force Cyber Command Ended?

edhe folks in Shreveport are weeping upon the Red River right now. They had a fine program set up....expecting lots of jobs and money to flow into Shreveport to support the world-renown Air Force Cyber Command. Apparently, the AF said yesterday that things are being reviewed....and numerous decisions made months ago....are hereby halted.

Some bold indicators? Well....the AF Cyber dimwits apparently decided that the Air Guard unit handling blog-type audits and searches....which was a DOD-sponsored event.....should be ordered by this leadership of the emerging Cyber Command to just halt and disorganize. So a fine final military event was scheduled. Somewhere along the admiral got ahold of a invitation....and came in on this final day. He was rather surprised that the AF hadn't informed the Pentagon about this reorganization, and it countered everything that all of DOD was planning.

So the admiral said that he had money to cover this unit and their mission...and were going to keep them afloat (what AF people hate to hear from an Admiral). When this got back to the Cyber warriors....they were a bit dismayed and upset. Adding to the fury....all of the improvements that the guard unit had asked for.....for at least a year or two.....was now being paid for by the Admiral. The AF stood there.....never wanting to fix the problems or bring this unit up to par.

I'm guessing....deep in the cyber wonderland of Barksdale.....the Lords of Cyber are sitting there and wondering just how bad things have gotten and where they may end up. Some folks are suggesting that they may end up as a agency....with a lot less the middle of nowhere. If I were an Admiral and wanted to display my affection for these folks.....I'd have their location moved to some National Guard base in Mississippi....and put them under some agency structure.

Are we going to suffer from cyber warfare? No.....we weren't suffering two years ago, five years ago or even ten years ago....because we had all the elements of the mission already in place. These cyber dimwits in Barksdale simply were playing castle-warfare....hoping for a fine command, with leather seats and 52-inch plasma TVs. Their intentions were never true to their heart.