Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Cold War II or Cold War Fraud?

For those who sit around the TV and observe dimwitted Russians....the past two weeks have kinda changed your prospective of things.

The missile treaty that was kinda agreed upon a couple of days ago....basically gives the US the option of putting up one half of the defensive missile shield for Europe.....namely the ten interceptor missiles. The Polish Parliament has to pass this agreement, which most think will occur. The second part is the radar deal, which will likely involve the Czechs. This deal hasn't been achieved yet. If the Czechs don't make the deal, then the whole mess would fall apart.

The Russians have shown tremendous issue over this entire project. Today....they basically hinted that diplomacy alone will not be enough....hinting ever so lightly that they might conduct military action against the Poles

There are three things which one might observe now.

First, the Russians are showing tremendous fear of ten lousy interceptor missiles. We aren't talking about nuclear missiles or even fifty or more missiles of a high-kiloton level. We are talking about missiles which would basically intercept a likely Iranian nuclear EMP-type missile....where a massive amount of infrastructure (all communications and electronic in nature) would be destroyed in Europe with two or three of these. Ten lousy missiles? Thats all? Yes. And the Russians are in a state of fear over ten missiles....interceptor missiles at that.

What makes the Russians fearful? Basically....all of the technology that they are ready to sell going to be beaten by the NATO there isn't much reason for the Iranians to buy the Russian technology. Another likely worry is that the US is actually setting things into motion that the Russians thought were impossible.

The second observation....Poland is now a part of any threat against Poland now invokes all of the European countries and the US. Anyone who thinks that Russia gets a free ticket to threaten anyone will likely miss the key concept of US defense in Europe.

Finally, the observation of the poor overall condition of the Russian military today triggers one to think how many years it would take before Russia might be able to actually take on anyone other than a Georgia-style country. The video-clips of drunk Russian troops running around the Georgian countryside doesn't help these guys. The lack of leadership over these dimwits and hooligans.....from either NCOs or very obvious.

So is the Cold War returning? No.....I have serious doubts. I think this is more of a fraud than a realistic situation. There are actually fools in Moscow who think that the mighty Russian military is very much in existence. The same fools believe a real Russian navy still exists. The same fools believe that technology development in Russia kept footing with Europe and the US for the past fifteen hasn't.

We are looking at a very weak Russia where a vast amount of its real wealth and controlled by the mafia or millionaires. Without the natural gas or oil...the country is bankrupt. Without world banks handling their cash flow.....its a country which falters within a matter of weeks. So it is a fraud of sorts. The cold war isn't coming back. One might refer to this as the "chilled but not shaken" war, which might be more fitting in this circumstance. And in this case....a good martini might be an enjoyable thing.

18 or 21?

Several university presidents have come out over the past weekend and voiced their approval to move the drinking age back down to 18. This is basically to stop binge drinking which, they say, is easier to control if the guy is 18....instead of 21.

Which do I prefer? Well....I have a simple program that I'd like to start across the US. Its called "18 and zero". In my program, you get to start drinking at questions asked....just show the ID card. And when the cop comes to give you the blood test or the break-machine....and you fail....then you lose your license for two entire years, period, no exception. The second time, and I'll keep these listed in a national database since states are not capable of'll be three years. And the third time.....thats the end of your license forever.

You will never get another license in the US....forever and forever. You want to mama or your wife or son or cousin to pick you up. After a year of doing this....they will be sick and tired of it....and refuse to help you. You might squeeze another year out of someone else.....but it'll be luck if you do.

Caught driving within the affected period while you were supposed to be license-less? just got three years added onto your period (first time, you get caught). The second time? Its a ten-year period before you get the license back. And a third time you might get caught driving when you weren't supposed to? You are more license.

Its a simple method. If you have alcohol problems....then drink at your house or your barn.

Wanna pay the police officer off? Then you get a $10,000 fine if caught and he gets fired automatically with no warning.

Wanna pay off the judge involved? Another $10,000 fine if caught and he gets fired automatically with no warning.

Wanna a lesser charge? No. No lesser charge possible with my program.

Wanna drink while in college....go for it....but you better walk back to the dorm. You can figure a long period of no car.....will make your life miserable.

This is my plan....with no alternate routes or escapes.

Here's the best bring the 18-year old crowd back in to drink....and they crank in more tax revenue dollars. If they lose their license....then they can drink big-time while the wife drives them to work each day. We make tons of money off these fools. We make revenue coming and going.

Surprised? Shocked? I'd be taking a ton of folks off the road....with very little sympathy to show. I don't even care if they lose their job with the trucking company or the Pepsi distributor. If they are that stupid....they can stock shelves at Piggy Wiggly. I think this is pretty fair.