Friday, 22 August 2008

Germany and CEO Fears

For several months in Germany.....there has been open discussion by the political figures over possibly limiting CEO pay. The political figures who think they run the country......think that CEO pay has gotten out of hand, and only they.....the mighty and gifted parliament members.....can wisely say what the chief of Porsche should make.

Its a comical action where a state-run network interview occurs, and several sound bytes are recorded and played to 300,000 folks who might be watching at ten at night. The other 80-odd million are watching Colombo or Star Trek.

The fear here is that CEO pay has gotten out of hand. How can anyone justify $5 million or $20 million or $40 million a year for a CEO? The madness must naturally....only the government can force such a change.

Most of the major industry folks in Germany have kept their mouth shut throughout the past six months.....thinking that this might simply be a passing thing.....talking big and then passing by.

The curious if they decide that CEO's ought to have a pay scale....why not say the same for doctors, store managers, and zoo directors? At some point, they might even decide that the directors of Channel One (ARD) and Channel Two (ZDF) might need a restricted pay scale too...and all of their chief reporters. At that point, access to the media might be cut off.....I'm just guessing.

If the political figures were able to push across their measures.....what companies would allow their headquarters to remain within Germany? How many potential CEO candidates would exist within Germany? If you had a choice of being a CEO in Austria or Germany.....would you pick Austria because of the stupid pay rules?

The driving force of this effort? Well....there is this eternal German perception that folks can be too rich...and what good is that? Usually, you just inflate the tax laws enough to grab their things are bad least in the German political mind.....that taxes aren't enough of a actual numbers are the next thing to use to fix a "problem".

Will anything occur? I'm having doubts....because once you start trimming....why stop? And there will be a fear of what might happen next.

Southport and Prayer

Somewhere in Indiana, there is this town of Southport. Where exactly, the population, and the number of septic tanks in town.....really don't matter.

Sometime in the last month or so....the mayor (a recent Republican to the job), decided that the prayer to open city meetings.....had to be halted.

To be kinda honest....attendance at the city hall meetings had been kinda sparse....with maybe half-a-dozen city residents out of eighteen hundred folks ever showing up, and mostly wanting to generate more revenue for the town in some fashion. Most folks don't ever remember anyone coming up to a town complain about prayer. In fact....hardly anyone has stood up to say that prayer bothers them.

So now after the Republican mayor makes this deletion of the prayer before the city meeting.....there's around fifteen to twenty folks who are there....strictly to complain about prayer and religion in this God-forsaken town.

This week, a couple of the folks at the meeting just got up and walked show their hostility over the entire episode. The mayor replaced the prayer with a moment of silence (60 seconds worth), and then went immediately to the Pledge of Allegiance.

This entire episode has become a comical affair.

So let me offer my two cents. If we opened every single town meeting, county meeting, state legislature meeting, congressional meeting, senatorial meeting, and presidential cabinet meeting with a prayer....would it improve anything? Would we get rid of corruption in government? Would we get representatives who are honest and fair with our money? Would we get honesty and respect back into government? Would we decrease the number of senators in airport bathrooms tapping their shoes for oral action? Would we get honest government?

The short answer no.

People may like to think that God is going to preside over a townhall or county seat meeting where a dozen corrupted political folks are standing around and trying to pretend they are ethical and honest....but God isn't going to make much of an impression. You could lay out fifty Bibles at such a meeting, and it really won't help.

So I'm not trying to dump on religion or God.....I'm actually dumping on political dimwits who want to use religion and pretend that it "fits" into the occasion.....and that it helps matters. If any of these fools had a fear of God or'd show....but it doesn't.

So go home tonight.....sip some beer....skip the local townhall meeting because you aren't one of the "in" crowd, and just watch a rerun of "Lost". It'll be worth watching, trust me.