Friday, 12 September 2008

Tit For Tat: Venezuela

So yesterday....the Chavez dimwit woke up in Venezuela and decided it was high time to kick out the US ambassador there. Part of the campaign effort to make Chavez look better....although its hard to make a dimwit look intelligent.

Most folks were expecting Bush to to the tat business and dump the Venezuelan ambassador out of the US...just to show how the US would react. In the last hour....apparently GW decided this was the best tactic to use.

Personally, after thinking long and hard on this tit-for-tat episode.....I'd use a different strategy than GW's. I would have invited the poor ambassador dude over to the White House.....serving up a bunch of fried chicken over lunch....with ice cream later.....and the best fresh lemonade that you could find in DC.

I'd chat over the New York Jets and their lousy quarterback (Brett Farve). I'd discuss episodes of "Lost". I'd get his reaction to the Rodriguez and Madonna episode in New York City. I'd probably even discuss oil prices. Later on....we'd step out in front of folks at the White House and I'd hug this guy and tell the public that he and I see eye to eye on lots of things....and just can't understand what the heck Chavez is doing in Venezuela.

This would pump old Chavez up a notch or two....then he'd have to call the US ambassador back and serve up fried chicken and try to outdo GW....which just ain't possible. This niceness tactic often works....and really screws up the media royally.

Deviance and Stuff

Today....across the media...Saudi Arabia's top judiciary official apparently issued a religious decree saying it's permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV networks that broadcast immoral content.

This dude involved......Sheik Saleh al-Lihedan (well into his late 70s) said yesterday that satellite channels cause the "deviance of thousands of people."

I sat and pondered this statement for about 30 seconds....considering Fox News....CNN....the Cartoon Channel....the Home Shopping Network....HBO....MSNBC.....and the Golf Channel.

Then in an instant....I agreed with the Sheik. We'd be better off without satellite, and just go back to the old fashioned system of three stations in the local area, and that damn education channel (presently referred to NPR). Those were the glory days of America....and we'd be better off without all that deviance stuff.

Course, I'd go one more step....I really don't want any religious nuts on any of TV channels....and I consider any religious nut that be of a deviant type, and ought to be dumped into the Sheik's living room for a cane whooping.