Monday, 22 September 2008

My Plan

After observing the entire financial mess of this past week, the government rescue plan, and the pitiful condition of the Kansas City Royals...I have a plan.

First, I intend to borrow $40 million (out of thin air) from a US bank. I then intend to go out in November and sign up three of the best starting pitchers in baseball as free agents, the best catcher and 3rd baseman available in the free agent lot, and the three best outfielders available.

I'll sign all of them to multi-year contracts, with bonuses.

We're open the season and barely get six weeks into it, before the banks discover that I don't have enough money to cover the purchase loan or the $9 million dollar monthly pay then I'll declare bankruptcy, and then immediately run to the president of the United States....asking them to cover my debt...meanwhile, the Royals will continue on for the rest of the season, and will eventually win the world series.

I will be proclaimed the most brilliant baseball owner in the history of baseball....and the US government will be the eventual owner of the best team in baseball.

I've pondered this scheme for at least thirty minutes today, and believe its totally workable. The only question is....will President McCain or President Obama approve of my scheme? My guess is....both will smile as they sign the paperwork....and even offer me a bonus at the end of the season for creating such a marvelous team.

I would have done the same thing with the Dallas Cowboys...but apparently they already have some magic and might be at the Super Bowl this year.