Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ethics and Gwen Ifill

Gwen Ifill does a PBS show.....which is referred to as Washington Week. Its a chatty show....which is probably 60 percent the "power" of Wolfe Blitzer's CNN show on Sunday morning.

Gwen got an be the moderator of the Biden - Palen debate on Thursday night. Both McCain and Obama's camp agreed that she was neutral least three weeks ago.

Today, we learn....shockingly and amusingly.....that Gwen has been busy all summer. Gwen has written a book. Gwen wrote "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama". So as you stand there....wondering....neutral?

So today, the McCain camp and most of the media woke up to realize that Gwen is perhaps a question mark. Has the Obama camp said anything? Nope, nothing.

Some journalists are defending Gwen and saying that nothing has changed and that things ought to go on.

So....let me introduce myself. On any given day....if you drew a 1000 foot circle of "ethical accountability"....where ever I go on base or off.....I am the center of that circle and the "king of ethics". I made a rational decision around 1998, that I would make my absolute life bound and tied to the concept of ethics.

I won't allow others around me to trip over bad conduct decisions. I won't stand there and advocate making ethically wrong decisions. I won't dissolve in a ethically challenged situation. I'm blunt....we do things ethically, or we just don't do them.

I'm respected in my circle. Both contractor and military folks know that I'm going to the ethically right thing. I'm the one rock left....that they can always put a ethics question to and get the right decision in the end. So lets turn back to Gwen. ignorant are dissolving every bit of ethics you have by not declaring this information, and still continuing. are hopelessly lost and making yourself look foolish and unethical.

Gwen....your future, your job worth, and your pride are the are heading toward deep waters and no rescue.

Gwen....your values and ethical accountability can be measured in negative numbers.

So continue on....Gwen. Your worth to this society is readily proven and we will all have an excellent laugh over this episode.

This is what you should now consider.....for every point that you knock Governor Palin on Thursday night.....the clip with you and your dismal point will be run over 500,000 times on the internet.

To be quiet honest here, are helping the McCain camp by leaps and bounds. Your lack of impartial nature and loss of ethics....makes you now the target....not the governor. Your help for Senator Biden....minor in nature.

Thanks Gwen. We need more folks like you. So keep up your unethical behavior and encourage as many dimwits in PBS and the media to toe the line on unethical attitude. It makes good sense to me after I thought about it for ten minutes. You are helping just ain't the folks you thought. But perhaps.....were never the brightest one drop your ethics in the ditch as you have.